Should You Give Advice or Just Listen?

It can be difficult knowing when to give advice if a friend is going through something you’ve already experienced. On one hand, you want to be supportive and share your story as insight. On the other hand, you don’t want to overpower their experience with your own. So, when should you give advice or just [...]

This Is the Most Unattractive Personality Trait

Personalities vary as much as flowers – there’s just no two the same. But across the many personalities, there is one trait that is unfortunate and ugly every time. It’s a trait that causes people to act out and to hurt others and themselves. The trait I’m referring to is insecurity, and it’s the most [...]

6 Best Shows on Netflix for Couples to Watch

It’s not always easy for couples to agree on shows to watch. But if you and your honey like to be fully sucked into a show, this list includes the best drama and sci-fi shows on Netflix that will do just that. My husband and I love dramas, and not necessarily sci-fis, but we binged [...]

Cheap Kitchen Update: How to Paint Your Cabinets

We recently gave our kitchen an update. The previous owners of our home had fortunately installed new countertops, backsplash and hardware in the kitchen, however, the cabinets were still the original light wood color. This left our kitchen looking new and not-so-new at the same time. Not cool! So, we decided to paint our kitchen [...]

4 Products for Soft, Silky Hair

For the longest, I thought I could only achieve silky, soft hair at the hair salon. Every time I’d get my hair done, I’d relish in the goodness that was my bouncy, touchable hair. The next day, I’d wash, dry and style my hair only to find the goodness was no longer there. It would [...]

Why I Chose to Get Botox

Have you been considering getting Botox treatments, but you’re curious what to expect? Maybe you’re wondering if it hurts, how long it takes and if you really want to get the treatment. I get it! Let me tell you a bit about why I chose to get Botox treatments. I’ve been getting Dysport treatments (very [...]

13 Inexpensive (or Free!) Summer Date Ideas

Summer solstice is right  around the corner! Between vacations, weddings, group outings, summer shopping and more, summer can be hard on the wallet. But your date nights shouldn't have to suffer! Here are 13 inexpensive or free summer date ideas: Go for a hike Get active with your honey by going for a hike this summer. [...]

6 Big Batch Cocktails For Summer Parties

‘Tis the season for pool parties, backyard barbecues and outdoor fun. Making cocktails and refreshments in bulk saves you time and money. These big batch summer cocktails will have your guests coming back for more. But no worries, you’ll have plenty of them! Here are 6 refreshing, bulk cocktails for summer parties. Rather make big [...]

Non-Traditional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re wanting to do something a little different for your mama this year, you’ve come to the right place. Lotions, bubble baths and flower arrangements are wonderful gifts, but how about non-traditional Mother’s Day gifts this year? Instead of gifting your mom an item that will [...]

4 Ways to Style a Bodysuit (and they’re super easy!)

You’ll see a bodysuit in almost any women’s retail store you walk into today. In a way, bodysuits have become an alternative to one of the best wardrobe staples – the go-to tee. Why? Because bodysuits are slimming and won’t come untucked. Not sure if you can pull-off a bodysuit? Of course you can! Let’s [...]