Featured in Apartment Therapy Online

Apartment Therapy Online recently published an article about how real couples spend their Sundays, and it featured my husband, Jake, and I, as well as other couples across the country. Every couple has traditions and routines, but finding time together can be challenging if both your schedules are busy. Sundays seem to be a day where [...]

6 Steps to Unleashing Your Sensual Self

You know that female lead in movies – the one who’s beautiful, sexy, confident and unapologetic for it all. She goes for what she wants – in and out of the bedroom, and she makes being at ease and naturally sensual in her own skin look simple. That same sensual confidence is already at the core [...]

Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

If you want cute and festive Valentine’s Day treats without putting forth much effort, you’ve come to the right place! I've researched a lot of V-Day desserts, and I'm bringing to you three easy Valentine’s Day sweets, which you'll find below! And the best part? They use a lot of the same ingredients, saving you time and [...]

How to Have a More Rewarding Weekend

Monday mornings seem to come too fast. We enter the weekend with ideas, plans – or the lack thereof. But come Sunday night, we feel like we haven’t crossed many of them off our list or had the downtime we needed. So the things either get done during the week or wait until the next weekend. [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Ciders, candy canes and pretty lights – oh my! The holiday season is here! Santa is making his debut at retailers across the country and folks bustling around buying gifts for loved ones and friends. (And if you’re like me, you’re pinning holiday baking recipes and festive cocktails – that you may not actually make…because OMG [...]

3 Beauty Products For Soft, Glowing Skin

Raise your hand if you love a good at-home facial. (Hand raised!) There’s nothing quite like having your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated before an important meeting or night out – it instantly increases my confidence. Plus, I use face masks as part of my regular skincare regimen to promote cell-turnover for clearer, smoother skin. [...]

How to Have Your Partner Treat You Like You Want

Dating is fun. It's gut-wrenching in the best and worst ways – it makes you giddy and terrified all at the same time. Think back to the beginning of your relationship when your stomach dropped at the notification of every text; when you fixed your makeup each time before seeing him; or how you actually [...]

Don’t Let One Bad Week Create a String of Bad Weeks

Life ebbs and flows. It has its ups and downs. And when we’ve been riding one of the highs, sometimes it feels like we’re thrown completely out of sorts when life pumps the brakes for an obstacle ahead. But if we’re not careful, one little low can drag us down, allowing us to roll around [...]

How to Deal with a Difficult Coworker

The work day can be hectic, and the last thing anyone wants is to have additional stress introduced into their day. But, what if a co-worker is creating your added stress? I attended a friend’s birthday dinner not long ago, and one of the girls there – Sarah – told me about some issues she had [...]

A Non-Designer’s Guide to Home Decorating

Choosing home decor can be a bit intimidating. There are so many styles, color schemes and items to choose from, and with with Pinterest, Etsy and Google, we have infinite decorating ideas at our fingertips. So, how do you forge through all those ideas to make your vision come to life? Over the past couple of weeks, my husband [...]