How to be More Positive: My Source for Positivity

I’m a pretty positive person, and I typically see the bright side in all situations. I was a happy kid growing up. In fact, one of the ladies in my elementary school’s front office always called me “Smiley.” But in general, I’ve never been one to dwell on the negatives. Within the last few years [...]

Why I Chose to Get Botox

Have you been considering getting Botox treatments, but you’re curious what to expect? Maybe you’re wondering if it hurts, how long it takes and if you really want to get the treatment. I get it! Let me tell you a bit about why I chose to get Botox treatments. I’ve been getting Dysport treatments (very [...]

6 Steps to Unleashing Your Sensual Self

You know that female lead in movies – the one who’s beautiful, sexy, confident and unapologetic for it all. She goes for what she wants – in and out of the bedroom, and she makes being at ease and naturally sensual in her own skin look simple. That same sensual confidence is already at the core [...]

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

Don’t you love the freshness of a new year? You’re given a clean slate and an opportunity to make a fresh start. It’s like life’s way of tricking us into motivation – flip to the next calendar year, and everyone feels rejuvenated by the newness. Sometimes that motivation can lose momentum, but here’s a new [...]

Go home, confidence killers.

I’m an advocate for feeling as confident and comfortable as possible in our own skin. I believe it’s the first step to being truly happy with ourselves, which then allows us to have a more positive impact on those around us. But even the slightest insecurities can be confidence suckers. For me, trouble, acne-prone skin sucked [...]

Why You Owe It to the World to Be Yourself

Remember when we were kids, and a new shoe style would become popular? We’d beg our parents to buy the shoes for us. We may have liked the shoes, but the greater incentive to having them was fitting in. If we had the same stylish shoes as everyone else, it was cool. We were cool. [...]

Changing Through the Seasons of Life

Over the weekend, we went to Chattanooga to celebrate the nuptials of our good friends. Jake was in the wedding, so I killed time by meandering through Coolidge Park and strolling across the pedestrian bridge – two activities I loved doing when we lived in Chattanooga. As I was walking along the riverfront, I started [...]

5 Reasons You Should be the Nice Girl

If there is one thing I’ve learned since entering the “adult world”, one thing that I’m 100% sure of, it’s that it always pays to be the nice girl. Had I learned this years ago, maybe I could have avoided losing the spirit stick at dance camp, getting kicked out of the local watering hole or a [...]

Simple Steps to a More Confident You

When you’re kicking it with your best girlfriends, you never know where the conversation topics will go. Hair products, men, work, current affairs, explicit content. You just never know! One time I was chatting with my girlfriend, Ashton (@smashton901), and I had a major revelation. We were talking about shaving, particularly underarm shaving, and I [...]

How Happiness and Healthiness go Hand in Hand

  Which came first; the chicken or the egg? I really have no idea, and let’s not try to figure it out. What I do know is that the idealisms of happiness and healthiness follow the same concept, but again, I’m uncertain which one comes first. Let’s start with a quick exercise. (Don’t stop reading! [...]