You Can Make or Break Your Spouse’s Self-Confidence

I was recently celebrating at a girlfriend’s bachelorette party when my husband sent me a text message that instantly boosted my self-confidence. The girls and I were about to hit the town, but I was not feeling very sexy. I think my words to the girls were, “I feel like I look like a 12 [...]

10 Ways to Surprise Your Spouse During the Work Day

We spend most of our day away from our significant others. Finding little ways to say I love you when you’re apart makes reuniting even more exciting at the end of the day. Plus, surprises help brighten the day and strengthen the bond you share. Here are 10 ways to surprise your spouse during the [...]

6 Best Shows on Netflix for Couples to Watch

It’s not always easy for couples to agree on shows to watch. But if you and your honey like to be fully sucked into a show, this list includes the best drama and sci-fi shows on Netflix that will do just that. My husband and I love dramas, and not necessarily sci-fis, but we binged [...]

Tend to the Garden that Is Your Relationship

I’ve only been married for three years, but my husband and I have been together for nine. Those earlier years were tough. We were both young, but I was younger, and I was more selfish than him. Selfishness. That’s the thing that stole some of the joy from our relationship back then. Being selfish, I [...]

13 Inexpensive (or Free!) Summer Date Ideas

Summer solstice is right  around the corner! Between vacations, weddings, group outings, summer shopping and more, summer can be hard on the wallet. But your date nights shouldn't have to suffer! Here are 13 inexpensive or free summer date ideas: Go for a hike Get active with your honey by going for a hike this summer. [...]

4 Reasons to Not Compare Your Marriage to Other Marriages

As a good rule of thumb in life, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others – and the same goes for marriages and relationships. When we compare our relationship to other people’s relationships, it can make us feel unhappy with our own situation. But, the grass is, of course, greener where you water it. If you [...]

6 Tips to Stop a Disagreement from Escalating into a Fight

Knowing how to resolve conflict in relationships is essential to every couple. Disagreements with your partner can go from zero to 100 – real fast. Before you know it, the conversation has turned into an argument, and you’re not even sure how you got there. (Sound familiar?) With a few mental tools, you can stop [...]

Single Girls: Read This Before You Reply to His Text

If there is one thing my married self could go back and tell my single self, it would be to stop. Just stop. Stop wanting him to want you. Stop playing by his rules. Stop thinking you need to reel him in. Stop letting him dangle the carrot. (Not THAT carrot. Figuratively speaking here, geez.) [...]

5 Things Marriage Has Taught Me About Love

We’re always learning, right? Or at least we should be. Marriage is teaching me that love isn’t always easy, and in fact, that it will make you feel so frustrated that you may just shatter a wine glass on the floor. On purpose. But I don’t remember anyone telling me that I’d feel like that. [...]