How to Date Your Spouse

When you first started dating your now-spouse, you didn’t discuss when bills were due or who was going to run which errands. Instead, you focused on getting to know each other by talking about who you were and where you came from. You found common interests and did fun things together so you could continue [...]

Maximizing Happiness In Love With Communication

Many relationship struggles stem from the failure to communicate. We must be open and honest with our partners – and allow them to do the same – to maximize happiness in our intimate relationships.  Sometimes the information we fail to communicate seems trivial, but the smallest mishaps can cause the biggest riffs in relationships if [...]

Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

The topic of cohabitation before marriage can be a sensitive one. But, every couple must decide for themselves the best way to move their relationship forward. Five years ago my now-husband, then-boyfriend and I decided to take the plunge and move in together. We’d been dating for three years and we were in love and [...]

5 Steps to More Sex

Sex­­. It’s a topic that people sometimes don’t want to discuss, yet according to Psychology Today, it’s a topic women think about 10 times a day and men think about 19 times a day. But why wouldn’t we think about it? Sex helps relieve stress, makes us feel happy and it makes us feel emotionally [...]

5 Things That Will Take a Toll on Your Relationship

In a perfect world, everything would go our way all of the time. But, we don’t live in a perfect world, and we do face hardships and outside stressors. Having my husband by my side as I dodge life’s bullets is a blessing and a gift. However, we must be aware of how stressors and [...]

How to Quickly and Effectively Move Past an Argument

Disagreements are inevitable, but it’s how we react in the moment of the disagreement that determines if we’ll be able to gracefully move past it or if it’s going to linger. I remember a time that an argument over a bottle of ketchup led to my husband and I not speaking for the rest of [...]

6 Truths to a Happy Marriage

We’re two and a half years into our marriage, and I have already learned so much –  about myself, my husband and our relationship. I’ve probably learned more during this time than I did during our entire courtship. (Which was five years!) Maybe it’s because I’m a little older, a little more mature (a little) [...]

Setting the Example for Date Night

Happy hour with the girls is the best time to dish about men, celebrities, work and all nonsense topics – right? One day over drinks, my girlfriend told me she was usually the one to plan her and her boyfriend’s date nights. She said it was up to him though to plan their upcoming date [...]

Seven Things Your Husband Needs to Hear from You

When you stop to think about it, we each hold a lot of power when it comes to boosting our spouses’ confidence. On the flip side, we hold the power to deflate their self-esteem as well. The way we treat our partners directly affects their self-perception and confidence, and as human beings, our self confidence [...]

Wife’s Guide to a Sexy Night In

  When is the last time you and your partner had a fun and flirty night in? No, I’m not talking about when you binged Netflix and ordered pizza. (Although that’s one of my favorite pastimes.) No, that quickie on the couch Tuesday night doesn’t count. I’m talking about just you and your partner, enjoying [...]