How to Have a More Rewarding Weekend

Monday mornings seem to come too fast. We enter the weekend with ideas, plans – or the lack thereof. But come Sunday night, we feel like we haven’t crossed many of them off our list or had the downtime we needed. So the things either get done during the week or wait until the next weekend. If you wait, your to-do list the next weekend is even longer, and you can only do so much. Whew – the struggle is REAL.


There are three main steps to ensuring you have a rewarding weekend this weekend. The first step is to have realistic expectations of what all you can fit into a certain amount of time. When you have realistic expectations about what you can accomplish in a given amount of time, you’re less likely to feel “unproductive” at the end of the weekend. We may think we can complete 10 random tasks over the weekend, but when it’s Sunday night and we only knocked four of them off our list, we feel like we’ve let ourselves down. There’s no need for that! Enter the weekend with realistic expectations. If you find time for an extra happy hour or a chore around the house outside of those priorities, that’s a bonus. The point of having a rewarding weekend is to reduce stress – not add to it!


The second step to having a more rewarding weekend is to consider what absolutely has to get done. Thinking about the things that absolutely cannot carry into the next week or weekend will help you prioritize your weekend activities. There will always be things that can wait, so if you have multiple items that must get done now, it simply means the other items will get done another time – and that’s okay.


And, the third step is to plan when you will accomplish each task  or activity. Once you’ve decided your realistic priorities, it’s time to plan when you will accomplish them. It’s much easier to complete a task when you have a plan to complete it, otherwise, it’s likely it won’t get done on time.


Life is truly a balancing act. We need equal parts of fun, relaxation, intimacy, intellectual stimulation, social activities, me time, etc. while also managing our daily responsibilities of life. It’s likely that some of these activities – plus less fun things, like laundry or grocery shopping – will enter your weekend to-do list. You can totally balance it all and have a productive, rewarding and relaxing weekend as long as you have a plan.



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