Non-Traditional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gifts 2017; marriage blog, lifestyle blog; mother's day gift guide 2017Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re wanting to do something a little different for your mama this year, you’ve come to the right place. Lotions, bubble baths and flower arrangements are wonderful gifts, but how about non-traditional Mother’s Day gifts this year? Instead of gifting your mom an item that will get thrown out or used up, you could gift her a memory or an experience – something she’ll always have in her heart.


Here are four non-traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas:


Pamper her.

I think a lot moms don’t do enough for themselves, so what mom wouldn’t want the gift of a massage, mani-pedi or facial? Or better, you could join her for a little pampering! Any mom would love to get pampered for Mother’s Day, and if you all get to be pampered together, I guarantee it will be an experience she won’t forget.


Take her down memory lane.

What’s something all moms hold dear? Memories from when their kids were growing up. Think of an experience you could recreate for her. Was there a family activity you did together growing up? A favorite restaurant or café you all haven’t visited in a long time? Is there a photo or video you could recreate on your own? Whether it’s sentimental or funny, pulling out some of those old memories and bringing them to life will make her smile.


Do her favorite things with her.

Consider your mama’s hobbies and one that you could partake in. Maybe it’s going to her fitness class, gardening, shopping or riding bikes on her favorite trail. Pick something she loves (no matter how much you hate it) and do it with her – she’ll love it that much more.


Create something for her.

Remember those awkward crafts you’d make as a kid and they somehow melted your mom’s heart? The same concept still, kind of, applies because handmade items show love and effort. (Doubtful she wants a finger painting now though – unless you’re just a pro.) If you’ve got a certain creative skill, put it to use for your mama! Build her a wine rack, create a succulent terrarium, write a poem, make a photo album, knit her a scarf, etc.


Whatever you decide to do for your mama or the special woman in your life for Mother’s Day, do it with love and a happy heart, and you’ll make her the happiest gal. If you need more inspiration or will be hosting a Mother’s Day brunch this year, check out our Mother’s Day board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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