Ouch! What to Expect at Your First Bikini Wax

Are  you one of those women who are intrigued by the convenience of a bikini wax, yet shy away due to the fear of the unknown? Let me guess, you wonder what it feels like to get a bikini wax and the ease of smooth skin sounds great until you remember that a stranger would be violently ripping hair off of your most sensitive lady parts while you’re awkward positions. If this is you, I was right there with you, sister! But, I had my first bikini wax before vacation this year, and let me tell you – the pain and nervousness are TOTALLY worth it. Continue reading for a hairy rundown of what you can expect at your first bikini wax.


My wax technician escorted me back to the treatment room which I thought looked like a mix between a spa room and a patient room in a doctor’s office. The table was flat, like a massage table (I was expecting stirrups!), and the room was comfortable and soothing, yet it felt very clean and sanitized. We discussed which type of wax I desired – I wanted a little more than a bikini wax, but I knew I wasn’t ready for a Brazilian wax, nor did I think that was necessary for me at the time. We decided the French bikini wax was the right choice because it goes a little further inland on the sides and takes some off the top. She then handed me a disposable thong rolled up to the size of a pocket tampon and left the room so I could change. I was able to keep my top on, only exposing my legs, feet and paper thong.


To wax the area, I laid on my back on the table with my legs in a butterfly position. I stayed in this position for the duration of my wax. She started on my left groin, and OUCH! HOLY. MOTHER. That initial removal of hair hurt much worse than I had imagined or prepared myself for. My immediate thought was that I was in over my head, and I didn’t have a clue how I was going to endure the rest of the waxing. I would compare the pain to waxing your eyebrows, but multiply that by 400. Your bikini area is thin skin and much larger and more sensitive than your eyebrows, intensifying the pain.


I continued to inhale and exhale as the wax technician instructed and kept my wussy thoughts to myself as she moved to my right groin, and then eventually onto the top of my bikini area. As she was assessing the top area, I piped up and said, “Not to be weird, but could we wax down to right here?”, moving the top of my paper thong down to show her how much area I wanted to wax. I felt awkward taking the liberty to move the thong to show her what I wanted, but fortunately, she smiled and said, “Sure, I was just about to ask you that.”


My paper thong stayed on the whole time, and I helped hold it in position as she waxed the top of my bikini area. My wax technician was very friendly, and I chatted with her the entire time which really helped keep my mind busy.


I had my wax done on a Friday evening, and I left for the beach Tuesday morning. My bikini area stayed a little red until Sunday or Monday, but I have sensitive skin, plus this was first bikini wax, so my skin may have been more irritated than others. I applied hydrocortisone cream daily until the 5th day or so, and I applied my husband’s after-shave, Dr. Carver’s Miracle Repair Serum, the second day. I was worried that I got the wax too soon before my trip and that I would begin to get stubble towards the end of the trip. However, I didn’t get any stubble on the waxed areas the entire time we were on vacation. In fact, as I’m writing this post, it’s been 12 days since my wax, and I still don’t have stubble in the waxed areas! I have, however, had to twice touch up the areas I shaved since getting my wax.


Having a stubble free, no razor burn bikini area the entire time I was at the beach was such a confidence booster for me! Low-waisted bottoms, high-cut one pieces, wet or dry swim suits – my bikini area looked 100 the whole time, and my skin never once became irritated or broken out from the suit rubbing against me. Hopefully I’ll eventually gain the courage to get a Brazilian wax, and when I do, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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