Why You Owe It to the World to Be Yourself

be yourself, why you should be yourselfRemember when we were kids, and a new shoe style would become popular? We’d beg our parents to buy the shoes for us. We may have liked the shoes, but the greater incentive to having them was fitting in. If we had the same stylish shoes as everyone else, it was cool. We were cool.

Geez. Looking back, that sounds so boring.

As adults, I think we still want to fit in, but our idea of fitting in has changed. Fitting in simply means being accepted, and maybe this is a primitive desire of the human soul. No one wants to feel like the outsider. But, for others to accept us for who we are, we must first accept ourselves – flaws, talents and all.

We each have God-given gifts, and these talents were bestowed upon us for specific reasons. It is up to us to share those gifts with the world and to let them shine. What if Usain Bolt kept his gift for running to himself? What if he never showed the world the talent that God placed in him? Many people would not have the opportunity to be inspired by him, and he would not have made it to the Olympics – the largest sports platform in the world.

Perhaps you’re a great singer. Then, share that voice in any way possible. Or, maybe you have some big ideas for the industry in which you work. Then let your thoughts be heard, and be the change that you see is needed. The thing is, God makes no mistakes. He didn’t give you your talents as after-thoughts. He created each of us with the bigger picture in mind – our small talents work together to create our world and society.

I think being ourselves means finding the spark within us and not being scared to share it. Sure, it can be overwhelming putting yourself out there. But, we must be confident with who we are, and be proud of what we can offer to our communities. We’re all puzzle pieces in this world, making our own distinct contributions, even if we can’t see the bigger idea. We must accept ourselves, and be ourselves unapologetically.

After all, it’s what we were created to do.

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