5 Things That Will Take a Toll on Your Relationship

In a perfect world, everything would go our way all of the time. But, we don’t live in a perfect world, and we do face hardships and outside stressors. Having my husband by my side as I dodge life’s bullets is a blessing and a gift. However, we must be aware of how stressors and hardships can affect our relationships. Here are five things that will take a toll on your relationship:



If not managed well, your personal stress can spiral out of control. Work, family, finances, health, life changes – whatever the stressor is, it will have a negative impact on your relationship eventually because it’s already having a negative effect on you. Be mindful of your stress levels, and if the stress is prolonged, remember that it will soon begin to affect your marriage or relationship if you don’t address it.



I’ll be honest, if I’m not feeling 100 percent about myself, I’m not able to put 100 percent into my marriage. And putting less than your best into your relationship will not have a positive outcome. Confidence suckers, such as excess weight, insecurities or even just feeling bloated often, will leave you feeling sorry for yourself. Or feeling complacent within certain aspects of life may have your self-worth meter on the low side. It’s important for us to be confident within ourselves so we can contribute positively to our relationship.



Miscommunication often leads to tension or arguments. This means that continued miscommunication will lead to repeated tension and arguing. If you consider what is being miscommunicated – like expectations, plans, responsibilities or needs – the cycle will leave both people feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Think about where the miscommunication occurs, and you and your partner should both make efforts to communicate more clearly and openly.


Lack of Intimacy

We’re not only referring to sex here. We’re talking about having real conversations, dating each other – and sex. (Okay, fine.) Intimacy allows us to feel emotionally connected to our partner, which has so many benefits for our relationship and our own well-being. Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes you just gotta get in there, and bang it out.



Sure, every day isn’t going to fabulous, and we’re going to have ups and downs. But being generally unhappy isn’t doing your relationship any good. When you’re unhappy, you put out negative energy, which your partner will not find welcoming. If you feel gloomy, it’s important to give some thought as to what’s making you unhappy. It’s likely it could be one of the stressors mentioned above – family, work, financial issues, etc. However, sometimes the unhappiness is stemming from something out of your control, which is normal and fine. If that’s the case, schedule an appointment with your doctor and you – and your relationship – will soon be feeling happier.


Everyone is different, and events and actions affect us each differently. What other elements do you think can negatively impact your relationship? I’d love for you to share below!





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