6 Truths to a Happy Marriage

love, marriage tattoos, beach, ocean, vacation, how to have a happy marriage, sunset, tips for a healthy marriageWe’re two and a half years into our marriage, and I have already learned so much –  about myself, my husband and our relationship. I’ve probably learned more during this time than I did during our entire courtship. (Which was five years!) Maybe it’s because I’m a little older, a little more mature (a little) or that I’ve stopped thinking about “me” and more about “us”.


What we have both learned is that life can be hard, tricky – but marriage doesn’t have to be. Here are six learned truths that make for a simple, fulfilling and happy marriage.


1.  Put the other person first.

Yes, to an extent you should put yourself first, but I’m talking about the bigger picture here. What would make your spouse’s heart happy? How could you make things easier on them? What does your spouse need? We should be doing all we can to make our spouses’ lives brighter – and vice versa.


2. Spend quality time.

Life can get busy, but quality time with your honey should be a priority. Nothing connects two hearts more than spending time together doing things you both love or nothing at all.


3.  Don’t criticize.

Extend more love to your spouse and less criticism. Some flaws can be fixed, but others can’t be. Love every little part of your spouse, and accept them for who they are without trying to change them.


4. Be supportive and respectful.

Support your spouse’s goals, encourage them to be their best and respect them, their time, their ideas and their feelings. Cultivating a supportive and respectful marriage will allow you both to bring a positive impact to those around you and will boost your confidence and self-worth.


5. Be open and unguarded.

Ya just can’t have a fulfilling marriage if one or both people aren’t baring it all. Walls need to be down, hearts need to be open and feelings must be transparent. Don’t be afraid to communicate your feelings, and never shun those of your spouse.

6.  Push your pride aside.

There’s no room for egos in a marriage. It’s okay to be the first one to apologize, and it’s okay to not have things your way all the time. If you feel your pride coming between you and your spouse, go back to #5, then to #1.


Did you find this post helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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