7 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear from You

We each hold a lot of power when it comes to boosting our spouses’ confidence. On the flip side, we hold the power to deflate their self-esteem as well. The way we treat our partners directly affects their self-perception and confidence, and as human beings, our self confidence plays a part in all we do. Here are a few simple things your better half will appreciate hearing – especially from you.

You’re smart.

We all need reassurance from time to time that we are making the right decisions. When your husband has a work win, celebrate that with him. When his intelligence turns you on, tell him. Letting him know you think he is intelligent and wise only boosts his confidence and security in himself.


You’re strong.

One of the things that attracts me to my husband is something so simple – his masculinity. And, I think most men like their ladies to view them as strong and masculine. When you see your husband being strong – physically or emotionally – let him know how that makes you feel.


You’re right.

Okay, ladies. This one isn’t always easy, but at the end of the day, pride will not get us anywhere. When you are at fault or in the wrong, be the first one to step up. It’s not always easy being the first to cave, but there is honor in being self-aware.


I’m attracted to you.

You love his laugh? His muscles make you swoon? His mind makes you feel challenged? Tell him what attracts you to him and remind him that you’re all his.


I need you.

C’mon, guys like to feel needed. But, there’s a fine line that separates that from being clingy. Whether you always seek his opinion, need his help to get into the attic or prefer his massages to any of the local spa’s, let him know the little ways that you need him but also be open about the important role he plays in your life.


Thank you.

Sometimes we forget to say thank you if we feel like an action didn’t directly impact us. However, if you think about it, most of the times that action did affect us in some way. When my husband mows the yard, it makes our house exterior look tidy and inviting. When he cleans the house, it means I didn’t have to and a clean house makes me feel stress-free. When he compliments my outfit or my appearance, it makes me feel desired and proud. Don’t forget to tell your husband “thank you” for all the big and small things he does because it reassures him that his efforts are noticed and appreciated.


I’m proud of you.

Life is hard, but when we have our spouse’s encouragement, it doubles our confidence. Celebrate personal, professional and emotional wins with your husband, and don’t hold back when telling him how proud you are of him.


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