A Non-Designer’s Guide to Home Decorating

20160911_134241Choosing home decor can be a bit intimidating. There are so many styles, color schemes and items to choose from, and with with Pinterest, Etsy and Google, we have infinite decorating ideas at our fingertips. So, how do you forge through all those ideas to make your vision come to life?

Over the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been working on transforming our third, and somewhat empty, bedroom into a work space for me. My method for decorating has always been to gather images of rooms, styles or layouts that I like, then go back to review each one to see what it is that specifically draws me to each photo. Is it the color scheme or the vibe? Is it an accent piece? Is it the strategic placing of wall decor? I figure out what particular element attracted me to the look, and I add those elements to the must-have list for my project. And, that’s the exact approach I took for decorating my work space, and I have to say – I’m in love with it!

So, let’s take a look at a non-designer’s thought process to decorating and see how the finished product turned out!


Once I reviewed all of my ideas, I decided I wanted the the space to be simple, bright and airy with a black, white and gold color scheme, using the desk as an accent color. I also HAD to have a fur chair throw, a modern, comfortable chair and a collage wall. I chose white curtains to play up the bright and airy element – plus curtains dress up any room – and I found this adorable heart-shaped aqua and gold ottoman on sale. It was an unplanned item, but  it adds a fun touch!


For the collage wall, I chose to use a few different types of wall decor, but I wanted to ensure each piece was conducive to the overall color scheme, yet different in its own way. I didn’t want to have two items that were too similar in color, shape or material – although I cut it close with the rectangular items! (This takes time and thought, so don’t be in a rush when you’re out shopping for decor!) I also love encouraging prints and messaging, and I want to feel inspired every time I sit down to write in this space, so I incorporated some positive messaging into the decor.


The desk is not huge, so I kept it clean with minimal decor, but again, I played up the positivity aspect here.20160911_134348 This desk is actually my childhood desk, and I painted it an aqua hue because we have a similar color in our living room. I love that I was able to use a piece of furniture with some history! The chair is simple, yet modern and comfortable just as I had wanted from the get-go, and this fur throw is LIFE.


And of course, I had to accommodate my furry, four-legged son! I hadn’t intended to use yellow in the space, but I had this pillow on hand – I think it adds a nice color pop. Hopefully, Tonka will catch some Z’s here while I’m writing and blogging.


So, there ya have it – this non-designer’s guide to home decorating. What tricks do you use to help you plan your space and to ensure it turns out like you envisioned? Did you find this post helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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