Our First “Hang Day”—an All Day, At-Home Date

day date at homeLast Saturday, my husband and I had our first official “hang day”—a day where we stay home all day with food and drinks, and the only plan is to have no plans. Basically, it’s an at-home date that goes from day to night. Our October weekends were filling up fast, and I thought an easy, at-home day was what we needed before the season got busy.


It was important to me that we didn’t have hang day on a Sunday. I didn’t want to have to wake up early or go to work the day after having a fun, relaxing day. So, Saturday was the best option for us.


To prepare for hang day, we finished all our house cleaning and grocery shopping by that Friday. So, the house was clean, and the fridge was stocked for us when we woke up Saturday morning.


We caught up on shows we recorded that week, played board games, sat on our patio, snuggled each other, ate yummy food, had coffee, hot tea and mimosas and just enjoyed a fall Saturday at home.


Jake enjoys hanging at home with no plans. I, on the other hand, don’t like not having any plans for a Saturday. But, a planned hang day is where we found common-ground! And, it was the perfect way to recharge together. By noon, we’d already had sex and it wasn’t the last time. 😉


Below are some outfit and food details from our hang day.


Hang day looks

I’m a big believer in day and night outfits – even when hanging at home. We both showered and cleaned up midmorning on hang day. I curled my hair because I feel prettiest when it’s down, and I did just a little makeup. (brows, mascara, lips)


For the daytime, I wore a white bralette with white panties and one of Jake’s whit button ups. That evening, I freshened up, added some eyeliner and changed into a long-sleeve romper.


Hang day eats

I made easy, fresh small plates/appetizers throughout hang day. These appetizers were perfect, and it was exciting to constantly be eating something new. Because I planned easy appetizers, it didn’t take a lot of time or effort (aka feel like it was cutting into hang day).

  • Breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes
  • Lunch snack: turkey + avocado + turkey bacon + mayo mini sammies
  • Second lunch snack: buffalo chicken dip
  • Dinner: Buttery, lemon shrimp
  • Dessert: caramel apples (store bought)


Home is one of my favorite places to be, and it felt great to reserve a day for us to just be home together—no chores, no errands, no plans. Hang day will definitely be a recurring event at our house. In fact, I’m already trying to find a weekend for the next one.


What do you think?? Is hang day up your alley and in your future?


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