6 Best Shows on Netflix for Couples to Watch

It’s not always easy for couples to agree on shows to watch. But if you and your honey like to be fully sucked into a show, this list includes the best drama and sci-fi shows on Netflix that will do just that. My husband and I love dramas, and not necessarily sci-fis, but we binged ALL of these series. Each series captivated both of us, and each episode kept us on the edge of our seats, needing to know more. (Plus, Netflixin’ is a great idea for a date night in.)


Here are the six best shows on Netflix for couples to watch…because they will suck you both in:



13 Reasons Why

This show is still fairly new to Netflix, and all the hype you may have heard about is completely accurate. 13 Reasons Why is a clever, heartbreaking story about a teenage girl who commits suicide, but leaves behind 13 reasons why she did it. Each episode is packed full of reality and truth, and it makes you think about how our own actions – whether simple or not – carry weight with other people. We don’t typically watch shows or movies about teenagers, so we weary when starting this one. However, the series cast actors that don’t necessarily look high school age, which made the characters relatable for adult-age viewers. After the first episode, we were hooked. We wanted to know what could possibly get worse with each episode. It’s a brilliant show and a reality check we all need. We finished the season within 24 hours. (And, it seemed like they were setting up for an enticing season two.)



Bloodline is definitely one of the binge-worthy shows on Netflix. It takes place in the Florida Keys and on a close-kit family’s beach-front, picturesque inn. When one of the siblings comes back home, chaos surrounds the family, and dark family secrets begin to surface. And when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does. It’s a story of family skeletons, infidelity, crime and cover-ups with one underlying question: How far would you go for family? The series has three seasons, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have the most rewarding final two episodes. But all the juiciness makes it totally worth the #finalefail.


Orange is the New Black

My husband gets overwhelmed at the thought of starting a show that has more than two seasons, but once we hopped on the #OITNB bandwagon, we couldn’t get off. Orange is the New Black tells the story of a privileged 30-something woman who goes to prison for crimes she committed years before with an ex-girlfriend. As she meets other inmates in the all-women prison, the viewer is given a glimpse into each inmate’s life prior to prison. Each character is so unique and interesting. It’s intriguing to see how each ended up in her situation, whether it was from one bad decision or entering into a lifestyle that could never end happily. The series gives insight as to what may be injustices in today’s prison system, as well as the emotional and power struggles in prison. It’s a witty, binge-worthy Netflix show that leaves you rooting for each character, and I’m looking forward to season six!


Stranger Things

Stranger Things is weird AF, as its title conveys. The plot takes place in small-town Indiana after a young boy goes missing. The boy’s friends know something is off with his disappearance, and when a telekinetic girl shows up, she has the insight that will help them understand. This show leaves you constantly surprised and digging into your mind. Netflix just announced that season two will release October 27, 2017. Get to binging season one if you love mind-blowing, paranormal creativity!


The OA

The OA makes you ponder the possibilities of traveling between dimensions. It’s about a young, blind woman that goes missing, but returns home years later with full eye-sight. She’s very secretive about where she has been all these years, but she recruits a team of kids whom with she shares her past and asks for their help reaching another dimension. It’s been renewed for a second season, but the release date has not been announced. It has to be coming soon though!



With one season under its belt, Travelers is a sci-fi hit in my book. When the dead begin coming back to life, you find out they were sent from the future to save the world. Each traveler assumes its host’s body while awaiting directions from the “director,” whom delivers his message through children. The rules of their re-existence begin to surface and you are constantly questioning which travelers can be trusted and if the director truly wants good for the world. Keeping my eyes peeled for season two!

These are the best shows on Netflix right now, in my opinion. Each series captures you right from the beginning and appeals to both genders, making options for any couple!

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