Budget-friendly Grocery Tips for Two


20160814_185458Okay, guys – we’re keeping things super real this week with grocery shopping talk. It’s not glamorous, it’s not chic, but it’s a necessity within a household. And, food is a necessity to live, so there’s that. This post will provide budget-friendly tips for grocery shopping for two people, but it could probably suffice for one person as well with a little tweaking.


If you’re anything like me, you want to keep your grocery bill to a minimum because there are so many other places where you would rather spend your money. I try to spend no more than $90 on groceries per week – that includes 7 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If we need toiletries or household supplies, we of course spend more, but if you subtract those items from the total bill, our groceries are usually within the desired budget.


For me, budget-friendly means meals that produce leftovers or use ingredients that I can stretch over a couple of days. This way, I’m able to buy ingredients for one dinner, yet it lasts for two or three nights. I know some people get weird about eating leftovers, so if that’s you, just make sure you choose ingredients that you can easily convert into another meal.


For instance, if you plan to make chicken breasts and veggies for night one, just buy a larger pack of chicken so you can serve the leftover chicken over a salad or throw it in some quesadillas for night two. (Side note, you can basically turn any leftovers into a quesadilla!) My husband and I are guilty of having a frozen pizza at least once a week for dinner. It’s cheap, effortless and so yummy. Here are some more of my tips for keeping your grocery bill low!


Budget-friendly Grocery Shopping Tips for Two

  • Buy only two to three meats per week. Meats are where you spend the most money, but we don’t need to eat that much of it. Keep meat servings in control and fill up the plate with colorful fruits and veggies.
  • Buy frozen veggies if you’re making simple veggies. The store brands usually cost $1/bag.
  • Go for thinly sliced chicken breasts to make one pack of chicken last for more than one meal. There are 6 or 7 pieces in a package because they are so thin. You’re tricked into eating less, hence having some leftover!
  • Buy one decent-sized piece of steak, salmon, etc. and split between between two people instead of buying two separate pieces.
  • Buy smart! It’s not always necessary to buy the major brand name, and usually it’s a cost savings to buy something else.
  • Have a plan and a grocery list. Don’t go to the store without a plan of what you need. You’ll buy healthier and spend less. (You’ll still buy a few unplanned items, but likely they’re going to be things you may actually need since you’re shopping with a purpose.)
  • Double check that your list is within budget. After I make my list, I sometimes add my estimated price by each item. If I tally it up and its over my budget, I’ll adjust the meal plan to bring the groceries back within budget. This helps avoid overspending at the store or being surprised at checkout. (Okay, this may be considered O.C.D, but whatever.)

If you have tips or tricks for being smart with grocery shopping, please share in the comments below!



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