Versatile and Cheap DIY Party Banner

Last summer I made a DIY party banner for parties I was hosting. I hosted a bachelorette party in July, and a gender reveal party in September. So, I needed some cheap, DIY party décor that made sense for both events. So, I crafted this inexpensive, DIY tassel banner.


This DIY tassel banner is made of string and gift tissue paper. Gold and pink were common denominators among both party themes. So, I used gold, black and pink tissue and white tulle for the bachelorette party banner. And, I used gold, black, pink and baby blue tissue for the gender reveal party banner. (Note: For added glam, the gold tissue was metallic, and the black tissue had silver specs.) The banners looked festive and adorable at both parties!


Most recently, I converted the party banner to DIY Valentine’s Day décor. I removed the blue tissue and added red. It was the perfect addition to my simple and cheap Valentine’s Day décor! (All I lack is making some easy Valentine’s Day treats.) This banner serves as inexpensive party décor and is easy to make. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a DIY tassel party banner!



Here are photos of my various DIY tassel party banners


Bachelorette Tassel Party Banner

Gender Reveal Tassel Party Banner

Valentine’s Day Tassel Party Banner


DIY Party Banner Supplies 

  • String/very thin rope: I used a white, thin rope type product from Wal-Mart. It was about $2. One spool of rope will create two banners.


  • 3 packages tissue paper: I’d recommend about three different colors. I bought each package for $1 each. Each sheet of tissue in the package creates one “tassel.” So, if the package has four sheets, you’ll get four tassels in that color. (You can buy double the tissue and make two banners.)


How to Make a Cheap DIY Party Banner 

1. Fold the tissue in half and cut slits: To create one tassel, fold one piece of tissue in half and start cutting slits into the tissue. I make mine about a half inch apart. Don’t cut all the way to top. Leave about 1 to 1.5 inches uncut at the top. (You can cut multiple sheets of tissue at a time.)


2. Roll the tissue and twist the uncut area: Each sheet of paper will need to be rolled individually in this step. Open the sheet of tissue back up, and start rolling it – pinching the middle, uncut area as your roll. You’ll have a long piece of tissue with two tassels at each end when your done. Then, twist the middle area tightly, but do not rip. Repeat for all tassels.


3. Add the tassels to the rope: Add a tassel to the rope by wrapping the twisted area of the tissue around the rope. Then, twist the tassel a bit, so it tightens around the rope. Overtime, these will loosen. You just retwist them to tighten.



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