Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

I love decorating our home for any holiday. It’s the little things, and holiday décor makes me happy. So, it may be January, but I’m already decorating for Valentine’s Day. Most of my decor is fairly inexpensive – I’m a frugal gal. And I don’t want to spend hours decorating, so my décor ideas are also easy. (I’m, of course, a fan of easy Valentine’s Day treats, too.) So, that was my theme for this year’s Valentine’s Day décor – cheap and easy. You can always count on a little DIY Valentine’s décor from me, too.


To me, it really feels like Valentine’s Day when I add pops of red and pink around our home. (But, you have to be careful that your red doesn’t start feeling like Christmas.) I also love gold – and have plenty of gold things – so it was easy to incorporate that color into my Valentine’s Day theme. I focused my easy Valentine’s Day decor in the rooms we’re in the most – the master bedroom, living room, kitchen and hallway bathroom. I’ll show you my simple and inexpensive Valentine’s Day décor ideas, then I’ll share where each item is from and how much it cost.


Here’s a quick tour of my easy and cheap Valentine’s Day décor:



Details of each Valentine’s Day decor item

If I don’t mention an item below, it was something I already had around the house.

Ceramic heart-shaped ramekins: These are from Target, and cost $3 total! They were in the cheap section at the front of the store and came in a pack together. One is smaller, so I put a tea candle in it. I don’t like the traditional conversation hearts, so I filled the larger ramekin with the all-red/all-pink bag of Starbursts.

“Love You” kitchen towel and pot holder: These also came as a $3 set from Target. (In that cheap section up front) The pot holder has tone-on-tone silicone hearts on it -very cute! And, the red kitchen towel is actually a Christmas towel!

Pink hearts on sticks: These came in a pack for $1 at Dollar Tree. (You could skewer some chocolate covered strawberries on these!)

Heart-shaped LED light strands: These are battery-operated, and each strand cost $1 from the Dollar Tree! They light up red. But, for photos, the red lights didn’t look good for photos. 🙂

Gold “love” banner: This banner was $3, found at the cheap, front section at Target.

Multi-colored pom-pom banner: This is a DIY banner that I use for a variety of occasions, and it’s cheap! I just remove/add colored pom-poms as needed. Here’s how to make it.

Red pillow: This is actually a Christmas pillow that I turned around!

White faux fur: This is something I had around the house. It was about $20 from Hobby Lobby a while back.

Flowers: There’s a dozen roses on our kitchen table and bunch of pink flowers in our bedroom. These are from Kroger and cost me $5 total! What?! They’re from the “Manager’s Special” section in the flower department. I got a dozen red roses for $3.99, and a big bunch of whatever those pink flowers are for $1. YES. I’m serious. I picked an outside petal off of some of the roses because they were wilted, but then they looked great! As long as you trim them and add in the flower food, they’ll last! (We had baby’s breath and greenery leftover from the last flower arrangement, so I didn’t have to buy those.


Overall, I spent about $20 on all of my Valentine’s Day decor, which doesn’t include the banner. If you make the banner, plan on spending about $5 on the materials. The banner takes a little time to make, but it can be repurposed for all kinds of parties. I’ve used mine for a bachelorette party, gender reveal party and now for Valentine’s Day! Again, check out this post if you want a quick guide on how to make one.


If you’re planning on having a romantic evening at home for Valentine’s Day, grab this checklist! It covers everything you need to plan a sensual date night in.


Happy decorating and Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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