How I Made Our Living Room Cozier

I love spending time at home. Date nights in, doggy snuggles, movie nights on the couch – some of my favorite things happen right at home, often in my living room. I’ll be honest though; I never really liked my living room layout or living room furniture.


I bought our last set of living room furniture after Jake had gallbladder surgery. I was wanting something comfortable and big, and that’s exactly what I bought. The furniture was so big that it overpowered every living room we had, and the brown, microfiber material quickly became outdated to me.


That furniture didn’t function well in our current living room. Because the pieces were so bulky, we had to spread them out. This also meant we were forced to mount our TV above our fireplace, so it could be seen easily from either couch. However, the fireplace is the heart of our living room, which meant the TV was too.


My new living room goals

Our previous living room layout didn’t feel cozy at all to me. Before even starting to redecorate, I knew exactly what I needed to do to make the space feel homier and cozier. My new living rooms goals were to:


  • Remove the TV from above the fireplace and position it on the adjacent wall
  • Add a TV table under the TV
  • Add a coffee table
  • Replace current loveseat/sofa with a grey sectional
  • Add a living room rug
  • Lighten up the space with a grey, white and gold color scheme
  • Add bright accent pieces for color pops
  • Replace grey curtains with white curtains


I was dead-set on finding a sectional and not a sofa/loveseat combo because of the layout of our living room. I knew a sectional would be the only way we could move our TV to the other wall, and that was my biggest must-have in the living room update. I also didn’t have any sort of particular style or theme. I like a variety of styles, so my goal was to create a living room space that felt simply decorated, while mixing rustic, chic and contemporary décor pieces. (This is why my TV table is a greyish-colored faux wood, and my coffee table is glass and gold.)


My living room update

I only bought five items to create my new living room look:


  • Grey, 90 degree sectional: $1,035 (with tax, delivery and pillows) from NashCo Furniture
  • Round, glass coffee table w/ gold trim: $65 from
  • 5×7’ grey patterned rug: $40 from At Home
  • Grey, faux wood TV table: $199 from Marshall’s
  • Two sets of white curtains: $13/set from At Home


We bought our sectional over Labor Day weekend to take advantage of all the sales. (I’m a big supporter of waiting for those sales to come around!) We visited several furniture stores in Nashville, but I never found anything I liked, nor did I appreciate being stalked by salespeople. However, I found our sectional within five minutes of walking into NashCo. Their team was friendly, and I never once felt as if they were selling me something. NashCo will be our first stop the next time we are in the market for any furniture!


I couldn’t be happier with the final result, and the reformatted living room space is everything I hoped for. The sectional helps create a tighter, more intimate space. The focus of our living room is still our fireplace, sans TV. Our living room looks bigger now because it looks more functional and because we’ve separated the TV from the fireplace. (Seriously, that makes a big difference!) The sectional also allows for clearer pathways into the living room and kitchen, which lets “foot traffic” flow more fluidly.


The yellow stems in silver vases by the fireplace were always there, but they were several other stems mixed in. I removed all the excess stems to leave only the yellow ones. This helped make the décor more simple, while also serving as a color pop.


Next steps for our living room update


I’m not quite finished with our living room update, but I’m not in a hurry to complete it since I’m already so pleased with it. The final updates come down to adding those color pops throughout the space.


The accent chair currently in our living room is from our bedroom. I’ll eventually by a new chair (hopefully navy suede) and put this chair back in our bedroom.


I’d like to replace the throw pillows that came with our couch with colorful, patterned pillows. Think a floral pillow, next to a leopard pillow, next to a furry pillow. I also plan to add bright, abstract art above our fireplace. (The black mirror currently above our fireplace is a placeholder we already have.)


I love our new living room area so much, and it makes spending time at home so much more fun. Movie nights are cozier because my husband and I can both curl up or stretch out on the same couch. Working on my laptop in the living room is more comfortable. The space is more conducive to having people over.


If you have some ideas to make your living room bigger or more modern, I say do it! Home is our safe zone, our comfy place. The more functional it is for our lives, the more comfortable we are in it.

Happy home-making! 😊

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