My DIY “Cloffice” and Our New Guest Bedroom

When we found I was pregnant, there was one thing I knew I had to sacrifice—my office. We have a three bedroom house, and one of our spare bedrooms had been our guest bedroom and the other my home office. So, something had to give for us to be able to incorporate a nursery.

Our plan was to combine my office and the guest room into one space. I like the color and style of our guest bedroom furniture, so we planned to use that in the nursery. The old guest bedroom is the larger room, so we initially switched the furniture in the office and guest bedroom, making my old office space the new nursery. (We planned to use the larger room for the office/bedroom.)

However, I realized the nursery would need to be the bigger room, so we switched the furniture back again. Since the new guest room would be in the smaller room, there simply wasn’t enough space to add my desk. So, I had the idea to create a “cloffice”—a desk space in the closet of the guest bedroom. And, that’s what we did!

Creating the cloffice

Doll cleaned out the closet, removed any shelves and patched the screw holes within the closet. He also painted the closet space to match the bedroom.

We couldn’t find a piece of wood that was the correct depth to fit the closet, so he used two pieces of wood and braced them together underneath. To support the desk, he added thin, wood panels around the closet walls to support the desk.

Doll got me my white leather ergonomic desk chair for Christmas last year Although the chair is adjustable, he adjusted the desk height a couple times to make sure it was the perfect height for me to sit comfortably in my chair.

He also found the cutest, rose gold hanging lights on Amazon for my cloffice. We added two lights, instead of one, to maximize light. These are plug-in lights, so he ran the wires to the edge of the closet, down the closet wall and plugged them into the outlet right by the cloffice.

I wanted to add shelves on the back wall of the cloffice to store some of my office supplies, but decided against this because I didn’t want to block the light. I think we may add shelves on the left side of the cloffice eventually or maybe something underneath the desk for storage.

My dry erase calendar fits perfectly on the right side of the cloffice, and since we’re not adding shelves to the back wall, I’ll have to figure out some wall décor for that area.

Overall, I’m so pleased with my new office space! I don’t feel cramped up at all since the desk takes up the entire closet space, plus there’s a window right to my left.

The new guest bedroom

As for our new guest bedroom, I think it’s cuter and roomier than our previous one! We kept it simple, only adding the bed, a floor lamp that doubles as a side table and light, a hanging mirror, a desk and a mounted TV.

The desk is my childhood desk that I painted teal a few years back, and I recently painted it yellow to brighten up our new guest room. (I once heard that if you repeat one color in each of your rooms, your house décor will flow well. Yellow is that color for us.)

For additional office storage, I still keep office supplies in the yellow desk, which is very convenient.

Creating the cloffice, instead of putting a large desk in the guest bedroom, allows the two spaces to seem separate, yet coordinated. It doesn’t feel odd that the guest bedroom closet is a desk space because the colors flow well throughout the room.

Take a tour of the new cloffice and guest bedroom below!

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