Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

If you want cute and festive Valentine’s Day treats without putting forth much effort, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve researched a lot of Valentine’s Day desserts, and I’m bringing to you three easy Valentine’s Day sweets, which you’ll find below! And the best part? They use a lot of the same ingredients, saving you time and money. Plus, each recipe can make a lot of goodies, making them great for sharing (or hoarding and having them all to yourself for days)!


These easy Valentine’s Day desserts are great for an at-home date night, sharing with the office, festive February snacks at home, goodie bags, taking to your kid’s Valentine’s Day school party, ladies’ Valentine’s Day party, etc.


Ingredients for all three Valentine’s Day sweets:

  • Two packs strawberry wafer crackers
  • One large bag of Valentine’s Day M&Ms
  • One container of Valentine’s Day sprinkles
  • One pack of chocolate bark
  • One pack of white chocolate or vanilla bark
  • One bag of window pretzels
  • One bag of white chocolate/chocolate striped Hershey Hugs
  • Red food coloring
  • Cupcake liners (at least 24 count)


Cupid’s Pretzel Bites

These are so yummy and seriously easy! Preheat oven to 250 degrees, lay pretzels in oven-safe pan and add an unwrapped Hug on top of each. Bake until chocolate is soft, but not runny. (About 7 minutes, but you can check often.) Once chocolate is soft, remove pan from oven and add press an M&M onto each piece of chocolate. Let sit until chocolate hardens.


**If you bake the pretzels too long, the chocolate may not harden easily. I recommend checking the pretzels too often over than over-baking. This recipe is from G*Rated

Valentine’s Chocolate Rounds

These little goodies are just adorable! Because the chocolate hardens in a cupcake liner, each round has ridges, similar to a Reese’s cup. They require a little more work than Cupid’s Pretzel Bites because you need to melt and apply the milk chocolate and white chocolate separately – but they are still easy!


Melt milk chocolate bark via stove top, microwave or oven per instructions on package. (I prefer baking the chocolate in the oven because I never burn it that way!) While the chocolate is in the oven, set out your cupcake liners. Once the chocolate has melted, remove it from the oven and add tablespoon to each cupcake liner. (If you’re making the chocolate wafers, you would now use the remaining melted milk chocolate to dip the wafers.) Let the chocolate cool/harden.

Now, repeat the above steps with the white chocolate or vanilla bark – adding a spoonful over the milk chocolate when ready. Then top with sprinkles and M&Ms before it hardens. After the final layer of chocolate has hardened, peel away cupcake liners if you wish.


Note: If you want all the white bark to be pink, add a little red food coloring once it comes out of the oven. Or, only add red food coloring to some of the white bark and add a spoonful of pink chocolate over the white in the cupcake liners. Then top with sprinkles and M&Ms. This treat is inspired by The Idea Room

Chocolate Covered Wafers

You can never go wrong with a cookie dipped in chocolate. Who’s with me?! Melt the milk chocolate bark and white bark via stove top, microwave or oven per instructions on package. (I prefer baking the chocolate in the oven because I never burn it that way!) Dip half of the wafer into the chocolate, then set on wax paper. Top with sprinkles and/or drizzle in the opposing color chocolate.


My husband and I made all three of these easy Valentine’s Day treats over the weekend, and our favorites were the chocolate covered wafer cookies and pretzel bites! This recipe is from The Idea Room


Which of these treats looks yummiest to you? Tell me in the comments below! 


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