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Apartment Therapy Online recently published an article about how real couples spend their Sundays, and it featured my husband, Jake, and I, as well as other couples across the country.

Every couple has traditions and routines, but finding time together can be challenging if both your schedules are busy. Sundays seem to be a day where couples can come together for quality time – whether it be having a “Sunday Funday” or preparing for the new week.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we had to say:

“Sundays seem to be either be an easy day or a catch-up day. On Sundays, I typically plan the next week’s meals and grocery list, then we go to the grocery store together. The first weekend that we bought our house—3 years ago—we bought fresh flowers for the kitchen. So now, we always buy fresh flowers during our weekly shopping trips because it’s one of the little things we enjoy. If we manage to clean the house early on in the weekend, the rest of our Sunday is for movies, snuggling and love. If not, we’ll scurry around to tidy things up before we start the new week, and then it’s time for snuggles.”

The couples featured in the article have some interesting Sunday traditions – so much so I may just borrow some of them. 😉 To read the full article and the rest of our feature, click here!

So, how will you be spending your Sunday? I’d love to hear your Sunday routine in the comments below!

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