How I’m Overcoming My Insecurity with Acne

img_20160614_182030I’m an advocate for feeling as confident and comfortable as possible in our own skin. I believe it’s the first step to being truly happy with ourselves, which then allows us to have a more positive impact on those around us. But even the slightest insecurities can be confidence suckers. For me, trouble, acne-prone skin sucked at my confidence for more than a decade.


I’ve always had oily skin that is prone to breakouts, and I dealt with breakouts from my preteen years all the way into my adult life. And with that, I had acne scarring and an uneven texture to my skin. It was one of my biggest insecurities. I hated going without makeup. I would use the tanning bed during winter months because being pale just made my acne more noticeable. A couple of years ago, I decided to commit to changing my skin. I wanted to get a handle on the breakouts and even out my skin’s texture. I wanted to have confidence in my skin and in the way it looked. I honestly wasn’t sure if that would be possible for me, but I was willing to try.


I began going to REN Dermatology, and my doctor diagnosed me with adult hormonal acne. (Great. So, my skin naturally sucked as a kid and as an adult.) She prescribed an oral medication to help balance the hormones and a topical retinol cream; suggested a new skin care regimen for my oily skin; and recommended I begin micro-needling to help revitalize my skin’s texture and appearance. If you’re not familiar with micro-needling, it’s a process that uses a pen-like instrument to puncture tiny holes into your skin, in order to naturally produce collagen and elastin. (If it sounds painful, that’s because it is. But, opting for numbing cream made each session a breeze.) I took my doctor’s advice and agreed to all four of her suggestions. I started the medication and applying the retinol cream, switched to an Epionce cleanser, toner and moisturizer and had a total of six micro-needling sessions over a year or so.


Today, my skin looks better than ever. I continue the same regimen, and I still get breakouts when I’m stressed or on my period, but they are nowhere near what they used to be. There is also still room for improvement with my skin texture, but the progress I’ve made thus far is encouraging. Clearer, more even skin was something I never thought I would have. But, the transformation of my skin has been a total confidence booster – and something I’m very happy I committed to fixing. We all have things we’re insecure about, but it’s up to us to take control of those insecurities so they don’t end up controlling us. Whatever those insecurities are, we have to remember that we do have the power to overcome them.


We just have to commit to overcoming them.


How have you worked to overcome an insecurity? I’d love to hear your story in the comment section below. If you have any questions about my experience, leave me a note below! P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post featuring my favorite facial products for smoother, more even skin!

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