4 Products for Soft, Silky Hair

For the longest, I thought I could only achieve silky, soft hair at the hair salon. Every time I’d get my hair done, I’d relish in the goodness that was my bouncy, touchable hair. The next day, I’d wash, dry and style my hair only to find the goodness was no longer there. It would feel a little coarse, and it just didn’t have the healthiness that it had after a trip to the salon. But over the years, I’ve found four products that completely revived my hair. Spoiler alert: one product is for your face.


Below are four hair products for soft, silky, salon-like hair that won’t break the bank:


Kenra Blow-Dry Spray

The Kenra Blow-Dry Spray is one of my favorite hair products, and it smells like someone bottled up the beach. Not only does it act as a heat protectant, but it also decreases the drying time of your hair. How you ask? I have no idea, but it works! When I first started using this product several years ago, I noticed that my blow dry time went from about 10-12 minutes down to less than seven minutes. Saving just five minutes really helps in the morning routine! Careful though, too many spritzes can leave your hair feeling a little greasy. I usually opt for two or three spritzes.


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

I first heard about It’s a 10 from a friend’s sister, Lindsey, who has long, luscious hair and swore by this product. This product is everything – truly, it’s a 10! It has so many benefits packed into one product, like being a detangler, leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, shine restorer and frizz eliminator. And it smells great! It’s definitely a hair product for soft, silky hair and one I never go without. I typically use about five or so spritzes, and I’ve never had an issue with greasiness if I spray too much.


Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss

I love using this product before I straighten or curl my hair. Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss acts as a heat protectant while taming frizz, dry ends and leaving your hair with a healthy shine. You have to be extra careful with this one as well because using slightly too much will make your hair look oily. I use half a dime sized amount, although the bubble gum-cotton candy scent makes me want to use it all.


Femme Couture Get Primed Oil-Free Facial Primer

A makeup product as a hair product?! You betcha! I first started using the Femme Couture Oil-Free Facial Primer for its intended use – a facial primer – after my friend, Natalie, suggested it as an inexpensive product. But one day when I had the primer left on my hands, I rubbed it through my hair and was in awe of the results. It instantly made my hair soft, and my curls felt bouncy, just falling into place! I don’t use this product anymore as I now have a different facial primer, but I always rub my hands through my hair after applying any primer to my face!



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