How Happiness and Healthiness Go Hand in Hand


Screenshot_20160619-181438The idealisms of happiness and healthiness go hand in hand. But, I’m not sure which one affects the other first. Let’s start with a quick exercise. (Don’t stop reading! I didn’t mean physical exercise!) How do you feel after you eat a juicy cheeseburger or some creamy chicken alfredo? It tastes great going in, then once it gets where it’s going, you kind of hit a lull, right? Your body feels heavy, dense and lethargic – your belly is bloated. Now, how do you feel after eating a lighter meal, say a grilled chicken salad or salmon with steamed veggies? Your body probably isn’t showing you many negative after-meal side effects, if any, and you’re off to enjoy the rest of your day.


This probably applies to everyone, but when I’m health-conscious about what I’m putting into my body, I feel so much more energetic and comfortable because I’m not bloated. Bloating makes me feel gross, not pretty and it really takes the fun out of sex. In fact, if I’m bloated, there’s a 95% chance there will be no sex, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make anyone happy. Being able to wake up in the mornings and feel energized and light on my feet makes me feel happy and like myself. This motivates me to continue to make health-conscious food choices.


Now, let’s switch gears and talk about happiness. When we’re happy – truly happy within our hearts and souls – we don’t think about eating as much. We eat to fuel our bodies, and then we move on. When we’re happy with ourselves and our lives, we eat better because we value ourselves and our bodies. If you’d like some tips on how you can get to a happier version of yourself, check out last week’s post here.


Again, I’m not sure which comes first – happiness or healthiness – but I guarantee if you implement healthy (or even just healthier) habits while simultaneously learning to accept and love yourself, you’ll get to a completely new way of life. You won’t know how you ever lived any other way. And, you’ll never want to turn back.


Do you notice you eat healthier when you’re happy or that you feel happier when you eat better? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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