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holiday date ideasI told you that fall is for lovers, so you know I’m ready for holiday-themed dates with mine! Every year, my husband and I have a Christmas date night in and a Christmas date night out. The date night out is usually to a local holiday event. However, it’s the mini dates throughout the season that bring it all together.


This year, I’m looking forward to making mini dates happen more often. And truly, the most common holiday activities can be a date if you have the right mindset.


Here are some of my holiday date ideas:


1. Decorate your home.

Decorating your home for the holidays is probably something you’ll do anyways, so why not make it a date? Plan snacks or a meal around it, throw of some fun music and make a date out of decorating.


Now, I realize this date idea is only viable for some women. Not everyone likes decorating for the holidays, including my husband. So, this date won’t work for me, but maybe it will for you!


2. Shop for holiday must-haves.

Holiday shopping is another common activity you can turn into a date—whether you’re shopping for gifts or decor. If you keep your shopping list to a minimum that day, you can have fun choosing items together. And the shopping can be only the first part of the date!

3. Watch a holiday movie.

I know, I know. This one is so obvious. I don’t know about you though, but I end up feeling like I haven’t watched enough Christmas movies when the holiday season is over. I now schedule things on our dry-erase board calendar, so we don’t forget to make time for them—and I’ll be adding holiday move nights. (To get in even more holiday cheer, I’ve been turning the TV on Hallmark recently for background noise, instead of music or Real Housewives.)


4. Have a holiday date night in.

I love date nights at home, especially themed ones! Our Christmas date night in is usually complete with games, appetizers, drinks, movies—and holiday lingerie for me. I love wearing lingerie, and wearing something festive makes me feel festive and flirty.


5. Make holiday decor.

Do you and your honey like DIY projects? Make something! You could make ornaments, a wreath or new holiday décor.


6. Look at Christmas lights.

Looking at Christmas lights is one of those things I forget to make time for during the holidays. Whether it’s driving and looking at lights, or going somewhere local with a great display, I absolutely love seeing Christmas lights. Maybe we get these on our calendar early this year. 😊


7. Have a coffee date.

Coffee dates are so multi-purposeful. The idea of getting coffee, snuggling up inside the coffee shop for a bit, then finishing our coffees as we stroll under downtown lights sounds so festive to me.


8. Bake holiday goodies.

I’ll be honest, I’m not good at sharing the kitchen with my hubby. But, if I plan to share it, I can do it. What’s something you and your honey could have fun making and gobbling down together?


9. Go gallivanting.

When you go gallivanting, you’re surrounded by so many people who are likely doing the same thing as you—enjoying the season! Nothing feels more festive than being around people who also feel festive.


10. Check your city’s event calendar.

Our Christmas date nights out are usually to events that can be found on a city events calendar. We’ve gone to a Grinch musical, a Rockettes show, a city tree lighting and a Christmas lights display.


This year, we’ll definitely be going to the Nashville tree lighting and Christmas parade, as well as Vintage Market Days of Nashville—a vintage-inspired indoor holiday market. It will be a festive weekend to kick off December, with the tree lighting November 30, the parade December 1 and the market on November 30 through December 2. And, I’m excited to see if there’s a play or musical we’ll enjoy this year, too.


11. Give back together.

My husband and I used to buy Christmas gifts as donations, but we haven’t done this in a few years. I remember how much fun we had picking out the items and how happy it made us feel to do it. I hope to bring this tradition back this year.


Any event or activity can be a date if you make it one. It just takes love, a slight plan and a cheerful attitude. And if it takes “scheduling” a date or mini date on the calendar to make it happen, do it! That’s what I’ll be doing to ensure I take full advantage of the holiday season!


12. Have a fireplace picnic.

Toss a blanket in front of the fireplace, grab the wine and the snacks, and it’s a date! I’ve never had a fireplace picnic, but I sure hope we have our first one this year!


13. Watch a movie in theatres. 

There’s something so simple and romantic about seeing a movie in theatres during the holidays. My family and I used to go to a movie during our Christmas time together, and it was always so fun.


14. Go ice skating.

Got an outdoor ice rink in your city? Maybe an indoor rink? Go ice skating!


I wish you and your honey a happy start to the holiday season!

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