Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Ciders, candy canes and pretty lights – oh my! The holiday season is here! Santa is making his debut at retailers across the country and folks bustling around buying gifts for loved ones and friends. (And if you’re like me, you’re pinning holiday baking recipes and festive cocktails – that you may not actually make…because OMG it’s the holidays!)


Guys aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts for – sometimes they don’t give creative feedback, or much feedback at all. But, if this sounds like the men in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a 2016 holiday gift guide for him:


Wood Watch

What man doesn’t want a cool watch? A masculine statement piece? A handmade timepiece that is unique to only him? A men’s watch that feels both luxurious and rugged? That’s what the guy in your life will get with a wood watch from JORD. JORD’s watches are handmade from a variety of real wood, and because no two trees are exactly alike, the same goes for JORD watches. But let’s talk about packaging. Once the JORD watch arrives, you won’t need to do anything except wrap the branded, matte black box. (Or, you could stick a bow on it and call it done!) When he opens it, he’ll find a hand-crafted wood box containing the unique wood watch – plus a finishing oil to preserve the wood and a cleansing cloth to keep the glass face smudge-free. He’ll feel special when opening this present!


My husband just received the ebony and rosewood watch from the Dover series (pictured here), and absolutely loves it! What’s particularly cool about this series of watches is that you can see the gears turn as they keep the watch ticking. It’s a self-winding watch, meaning it doesn’t need batteries and only begins ticking once your guy winds it himself – pretty cool! You can choose from various color woods and face shapes – and the best part? These watches start from just $129! Plus, when you use this coupon code, you’ll get $25 off any watch! (Hurry though! The coupon link is valid until Dec. 18, but the code within the link is valid until Feb. 28. Click the link now and save the code for later!)


Virtual Reality Goggles

Virtual Reality (VR) goggles have been all the rage lately, and if your guy likes to have the latest in tech – he’ll appreciate this gift! He can insert his phone into the goggles to play games, watch movies and virtually experience places and sights that he may otherwise never have the chance to. Like most tech products, VR goggles can be expensive – but there’s actually a nice range of price points within the VR goggle market. Check out Amazon, and you’ll find great VR goggle options starting at $30! Of note, some VR goggles are for specific mobile device operating systems. Read product descriptions and customer reviews to ensure the goggles are compatible with his cell phone.


Pre-Filled Travel Bag

If the guy in your life travels often, a pre-filled travel bag is the perfect fit for him! Think about it – when you travel, you have to dig through your toiletries to determine which ones you need for the trip vs. which ones you can do without. And, when you your “must-have” items are full-sized, they take up too much room when you’re attempting to travel lightly. Or, if you have to steal products from your shower or under your sink, it makes unpacking more of a hassle when you have to put those items back where they belong. So, find duplicate versions of his favorite items – or better, find travel-sized items – and kit them into a fun, pre-filled travel bag for him to omit all those hassles!

You could include body wash, shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, a razor, shaving cream, Q-tips, aftershave, deodorant, cell phone charger, etc. Trust me – when he’s able to pluck his pre-filled travel bag from under the sink and plop it into his bag for his next trip, he’ll be thanking you!


Shell Jacket or Puffy Jacket 

If men don’t live in a northern, big city where they spend a lot time walking from point A to point B, they don’t want or need a heavy winter coat. So, gift him a shell or puffy jacket that he’ll definitely use! A shell jacket is typically waterproof and can provide a put together, sleek look for the winter months. They go great with business attire or casual wear. A puffy jacket is great for casual use. He can throw it on with sweats when he’s heading to the gym; with jeans when you’re heading out for dinner or athletic pants when he’s doing errands around town. Puffy jackets are also great to layer under a light wind/water resistant jacket when the need arises!


There are so many fun, thoughtful gift options to give to your honey, dad, grandpa or friends this holiday season. The trick is finding something he typically wouldn’t buy for himself but could get a lot of use out of. So, what are you gifting the guys in your life this holiday season?


This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches.
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