Not Confident in Lingerie? Read This & You Will Be

I haven’t always been confident wearing lingerie. I used to feel awkward and insecure after I’d slip away to put on lingerie. There you are, all dressed up – and super exposed. Anything you considered a body imperfection is on full display. And it feels like those imperfections are under a microscope since they have nowhere to hide. With thoughts like that, it’s impossible to feel confident in lingerie!


Once I got out of my own head, I became more and more comfortable wearing lingerie. It’s mind over matter – truly. Are you wondering how to feel more confident in your lingerie?


Here are eight tips to help you feel flirty and ultra-confident in your lingerie:


1. Take a few extra steps to boost your confidence.

Take time for the simple things that boost your confidence before revealing the finished product (you!) to your spouse. It’s the small things that make us feel pretty and confident. Maybe it’s applying some lip gloss, having polished nails, moisturizing your skin or having a fresh shave. Whatever it is – take the time to do it. Your confidence will thank you.


2. Choose lingerie you love.

You’ll only be confident in lingerie you love. So, pick out something that you feel accents your best features and makes you feel beautiful. It’s okay if it’s something simple! (It’s better to be confident in something basic than insecure in something out of your comfort zone.) You can experiment with more lingerie styles as your comfort level increases.


3. Stop having those negative thoughts about yourself.

Oh, hey, negative thoughts – BYE! Only have positive thoughts about yourself and your body. Think of why you bought the lingerie and the way it flatters you. Let those aspects stay top of mind and don’t let yourself be negative. You’re your own worst critic!


4. Channel your inner sensual goddess.

Lingerie isn’t meant to make you feel insecure. It’s meant to make you feel like a sultry queen. Those little extra steps you took – like putting on mascara or painting your nails – were to boost your confidence. So feel yo’self, girl. Unleash your inner sensual goddess. She’s in there!


5. Remember there’s no perfect body.

The perfect body image doesn’t exist because it’s subjective. Everyone has a different opinion. So, don’t get in your head about things you wish you could change. Embrace your body, and you’ll immediately feel more confident.


6. See yourself as your spouse sees you.

Your spouse doesn’t see you in quite the same light as you see yourself. Your much harsher. I guarantee your honey’s not noticing any imperfections or flaws when you’re in lingerie. Instead, they’re thinking about how your beauty and confidence make you so femininely sexy.


7. You can always dim the lights a bit.

You want your spouse to be able to see how gorgeous you are in your lingerie. But, you don’t have to keep the lights on bright. Dim some lights and light some candles. Remember, it’s about making yourself feel confident. If a soft light will do the trick, make it happen.


8. Add some accessories.

Think of your lingerie as an outfit. You can style it with various accessories to make it feel put together. Because a killer outfit is always a recipe for a confidence boost. I love pairing jewelry, heels or knee-high socks with my lingerie.


I hope you’re feeling more confident about wearing lingerie already! And if you need them, here are some creative ways to change into your lingerie. I’d love to hear how you boost your confidence in lingerie in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Not Confident in Lingerie? Read This & You Will Be”

  • These are some great tips! Also, I never thought to accessorize lingerie with jewelry but I love the idea!

    • Thanks, Charlene! Yes, I love accessorizing lingerie. I don’t have a ton of lingerie, so wearing a choker vs. a bulky necklace with the same teddy makes it feel like two completely different looks. 🙂

    • Hey, Jaleysa! Sorry for my delayed response. 🙂 I used to dislike wearing lingerie, mainly because I felt silly in it. Like, I’m not going to do anything special, so why wear it? So, I never bought any nor did I wear any. But I started buying some and wearing and my confidence in it started to boost. I started loving how I felt when wearing it, and it changed everything.

        • Don’t feel silly, girl! Let that beauty shine! If you’re feeling silly wearing it for an S.O., try wearing it just for yourself before they get home or come over sometime. You can take it off and they never have to know. But, it lets you get confident being in lingerie so it’s easier to be confident in it in front of someone else. 🙂

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