How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen felt blank before adding decor above my kitchen cabinets. The cabinets don’t go all the way to ceiling, leaving awkward space above the kitchen cabinets. So, I gathered items around our house to spruce up the space. And guess, what? I didn’t spend a penny buying new items to decorate with!

Here’s how to decorate above kitchen cabinets:


1. Know your color scheme.

The first step in decorating kitchen cabinets is to know your color scheme. You’ll want to incorporate your kitchen accent colors in your cabinet decor. I love contrast, so I use a lot of darks and lights throughout my house, including my kitchen. My kitchen accent colors are yellow and teal. So, I made sure to include a few yellow and teal items as well as light and dark items above my kitchen cabinets to pull the theme together. (P.S. If you feel like your kitchen has no theme, adding decor above your kitchen cabinets will help create one


2. Know your theme.

Now that you have your color scheme, determine your theme. My kitchen theme is slightly country, so I wanted to include at least a few rustic or country-like items in my cabinet decor. We also have a farmhouse table and a wooden bottle opener on our wall, so I wanted to incorporate wood decor as well.


3. Collect items.

Once you have your theme and color scheme, you can start collecting items! Of course, you could go out and buy new items. But, I suggest “shopping” around your home first. Look in each room for decor that isn’t completely necessary. Look in closets and in boxes for decor not being used. I didn’t buy any decor specifically for use above my kitchen cabinets. Some of the kitchen decor is actually from our wedding. (e.g. unity sand, family establishment plaque, large “H” with guest signatures) And other pieces, like the vase and flower pot, are items we’ve had for a while. Don’t forget to collect your few accent color items. (I use three accent color pieces above mine.)


4. Place decor in clusters.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of strategically placing decor above your kitchen cabinets. The trick is to place decor in clusters. Depending on the items used, your clusters may include three or four items. (But for large items, like my guitar, it may be best to do a cluster of two items, or even just one.) Play around with items to see which ones work well together. And, play with depth too – don’t line all items up side by side. Also, be mindful of the clusters that you can see from other areas of your home. You may want to place your favorite cluster – or cluster with an accent color – where it can be seen from outside the kitchen. If you use similar colors in other areas of your home, seeing that accent color above the kitchen cabinets will help pull your home’s theme together. Be sure to not place all accent color items to closely together. They should be spread out.


Knowing how to decorate your kitchen cabinets can boost the coziness of your home. And, with just a little strategy, you can decorate like a pro. All it takes is a vision and sticking to it. After all, isn’t your kitchen the heart of your home?


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