How to Spice Up Vacation Sex

spicing up vacation married sexVacation sex is always something that stands out in my mind. I can vividly remember at least one round of sex from every vacation. Each is like an intangible, secret souvenir.

There’s just something about vacation sex. I suppose beautiful surroundings, a carefree vibe and sweet love blend, making vacation sex feel magical. I mean, you’re already feeling extra connected and in love, which makes the sex more sensual.

But, there are little things you can do to make that vacation sex spark a little hotter. Here are my tips for spicing up vacation sex (which also leads to more sex on vacation!):


Have sex somewhere you normally wouldn’t.

Take advantage of your new surroundings and have sex somewhere you normally wouldn’t. This doesn’t have to mean having sex somewhere taboo. (But, it can if you want it to.) Instead, it means using your new environment to boost the romance.

A couple years back, my husband and I rented a water-front condo in a small fishing town on the Florida coast. The condo owner had lounge cushions made for floor use. We put the cushions on the terrace one night and snuggled under a blanket while listening to the waves. And, then had ultra-romantic sex al fresco. Had we not thought to use those floor cushions – or put them on the terrace – that experience likely wouldn’t have happened.


Pack your Harvey Prince Temptress Perfume

It’s easy to feel myself on vacation. I’m happy, carefree and exploring with my love. But, wearing my Harvey Prince Temptress perfume takes it up a level. I’ve told you guys before that I reserve Temptress for date nights in because it’s so sultry. And, that’s exactly why I take it on vacation. (I’m a Harvey Prince ambassador, so you can snag my codes for a free Temptress roller perfume. In turn, I’ll make a profit from you using my code, so thanks in advance!)


Read a romance novel.

I’m usually not one to read on vacation because I want to pay my husband attention.

I can’t help but shove my face in a book I love. I get sucked in, and totally forget about life until I’m done reading it. But, I love the idea of “beach reading.” Reading a spicy romance novel would have the opposite effect. I won’t be able to get enough him! So, I’m planning to read a romance novel on my upcoming vacation, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Pack sensual toys.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t bring a sensual toy on vacation if you use it at home. I mean, what better way to spice up vacation sex?! And, if you don’t have any toys, why not pick one up to try on vacation?

Don’t be embarrassed about it going through security – I’m sure security staff are used to it. We picked up our luggage after vacation once and realized it’d been searched by TSA. When we opened the suitcase, my vibrator was right on top. (I was just happy I wasn’t present for the search, and I suppose TSA has a sense of humor.)


Wear lingerie.

You guys know I’m a big fan of lingerie. So, of course, I think you should bring lingerie on vacation. I like packing my black, lace robe on vacation because it’s sexy and sheer, yet can serve as my after-shower robe as well. It’s also fun and fancy just hanging in your lingerie on vacation. (If you’re someone who feels insecure when wearing lingerie, please don’t be. Read this and own it.)

Plan vacay-inspired “in-room” outfits.

Besides lingerie, I like having “in-room” outfits to wear while hanging in the room. It makes me feel flirty, and vacay-inspired outfits make things festive. If we’re going to the mountains, I might pack an oversized sweater and knee-high stockings. If we’re going to the beach, I may plan for a lightweight dress. The point of these outfits is to be able to throw on something festive, easy and sexy during downtime. I have some swimsuit cover-ups that I like to wear around the room, too.


Don’t pick fights.

It goes without saying that fighting makes you feel disconnected from your spouse. So, don’t pick fights on vacation! Be a little more lax and a little less observing of annoying tendencies.


Go with the flow.

I always have an agenda at home. When I’m not working and blogging, I have things on my to-do list I want to check off. My wheels are constantly turning, and I’m thinking about what’s next. But there’s little to no agenda on vacation. I just go with the flow, and that mindset usually leads to more vacation sex.


Finding new ways to spice up our sex life is exciting to me. Spicing up vacation sex is no different. Life is about making little moments more magical, and creating sensual memories makes every vacation a little more magical.

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