4 Ways to Style a Bodysuit (and They’re Super Easy!)

You’ll see a bodysuit in almost any women’s retail store you walk into today. In a way, bodysuits have become an alternative to one of the best wardrobe staples – the go-to tee. Why? Because bodysuits are slimming and won’t come untucked. Not sure if you can pull-off a bodysuit? Of course you can! Let’s talk about how to pick the best bodysuit for you, then we’ll discuss how to style a bodysuit.


Choosing a Bodysuit

Bodysuits come in basically every color you can imagine and the styles are endless – patterned, sequined, backless, boat neck, low-cut, etc. To ensure that you can easily pair your bodysuit with the rest of your wardrobe, choose a simple style in a color that meshes with your normal wardrobe. Black, tan, blush or olive green are neutral colors that match many outfits.

When you’re choosing a bodysuit style, go for a style you wouldn’t mind wearing with a variety of different bottoms and that you could be comfortable wearing with or without a jacket. When you’re trying bodysuits on, be mindful of the “panty line” they leave under tight pants or garments. (I’ve got a big, jiggly booty, so it’s almost impossible for me not to have a panty line in bodysuits! I either rock the panty line anyways or go for a long jacket or cardigan.)


How to Style a Bodysuit

Now that we’ve discussed how to pick a bodysuit to mix and match with your wardrobe, it’s time to style it! Here are four easy bodysuit looks:

Keep it easy — jeans + heels

Pair your bodysuit with a pair of heels and some jeans, and you’re ready for anything. When it’s chilly, tie a jacket or cardigan around your waist to just in case and to add some sass.


Feminine feels — skirt + heels

Pairing your bodysuit with any type of skirt is a big YES in my book. There’s no tucking in, and it doesn’t matter if your skirt is high-waisted or not. There’s just no way to lose on this one. This style makes for an effortless, yet chic look.


Daytime fun — shorts + flats + cardigan

When you’re brunching hard on Sunday, you shouldn’t be worrying about keeping your outfit in place. Match your bodysuit with some flats, shorts and a light cardigan for an easy, stylish daytime look that you won’t have to adjust.


9 to 5 — dress pants + heels + blazer

How about walking into every meeting knowing your outfit is right on par? Pair your bodysuit with dress pants, a blazer/jacket and some heels and you’re work ready. I take about 14,000 trips to the bathroom during the workday, so it’s a hassle to button/unbutton the bodysuit each time, but it’s totally worth it!


Happy styling!

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