I Still Wear My Wedding Lingerie for My Husband

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In honor of my wedding anniversary, April’s date night in outfit idea is a little different this month. Enjoy the post!

This month marks four years since we said our wedding vows – and I still wear my bridal lingerie. Those white, lacy, jewel-accented panties that I wore on our wedding day? Still got ‘em. That veil from my bachelorette party? Still got it. The garter that my husband didn’t throw to the guys? Yep, still got that, too. These items aren’t in the attic or in a shadow box. They’re stored in Jake’s grandma’s cedar chest next to my side of the bed.


Your wedding day comes and goes, and it’s up to you and your spouse to keep that wedding day magic alive. I suppose that’s why I wear my bridal lingerie. Putting on my wedding memorabilia takes me back. My mind instantly travels back to picking out various bridal lingerie with my mom during a Victoria’s Secret sale. I’m reminded of the boudoir photos my sister took of me for my soon-to-be-hubby. I’m reminded of my walk down the aisle to a man whose eyes teared up at the sight of me. I’m reminded of the time in history when I was a bride.

I catch a little twinkle in my husband’s eye when he sees me in the wedding lingerie. He sees me in lingerie often, but the bridal lingerie brings out a different look. It’s a sweet, let-me-pause-to-take-it-all-in look. I think, he too, is taken back to blush-colored rose petals, dancing with glow sticks and secret nighttime moments on a far-away beach. He, too, is taken back to that two-week period that changed our futures because it merged them.


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My bridal lingerie doesn’t make frequent appearances – maybe once or twice a year. But that’s what keeps it special. Wearing the lingerie every month would cheapen its memories. The lingerie would lose its sparkle – figuratively and literally. So, I wear the lingerie as often as true love comes around…not a lot.


I was a bride – to the world – for a split second. I got the 45-second walk down the aisle and the wedding in the lush urban park. And then it was someone else’s turn. But to my husband, I’ll always be a bride. And, he’ll always be my groom. I’m proud to wear my wedding lingerie today because I’m still so proud to be his bride.


Every time I put it on, that once-in-a-lifetime magic comes to life. But, wearing my wedding lingerie isn’t about reliving a special moment in time. It’s about making new ones of the same caliber, like our kitchen dance party ending with our first dance song. Then, I put the lingerie back on reserve in the cedar chest for another magical moment.


April Date Night In Outfit Idea: Wear You Wedding Lingerie 

April’s date night in outfit is a little different since it’s my anniversary month. I’m not linking to lingerie items I love. Instead, I want to encourage you to incorporate your wedding memorabilia into a date night in outfit sometime this year. Perhaps you wear your wedding shoes, jewelry or lingerie. Then, bring it back out next year, and the year after that – whether it’s for your anniversary or a random Tuesday night.


Just because your wedding has come and gone doesn’t mean you can’t wear bridal lingerie. If anything, you’re more entitled to wear bridal lingerie today than you were on your wedding day.


I hope you feel as elated in your wedding lingerie as I do. And I hope the new memories you make in it remind you that it’s the little things.


Happy date night at home, you gorgeous wife/bride you.


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