January Date Night In Outfit


Date nights at home are so good for nurturing your relationship with your partner. Our date nights in are some of my favorite times with my husband. Now don’t get me wrong – I love a date out on the town. But when you stay in, there’s no reservation required and no traffic to fight. You can get as dressed up or as dressed down as you please. You get to date your spouse in the privacy of your own home – it’s sensual and carefree. And picking out an outfit that can be even more carefree because only your honey is seeing it is empowering. So, I’m excited to share that I’m starting a date night at home outfit series!


I’ll be sharing a flirty outfit each month under the newly launched intimacy tab. My outfits for date nights at home are usually simple and sensual. I don’t wear an outfit I’d wear out. Instead, I wear something only meant to be seen behind closed doors. I put together a pretty ensemble that makes me feel feminine, sexy and confident. Sometimes it’s lingerie, but not always. (Check out this blog post if you need a confidence boost when wearing lingerie.) Although the outfit is really for me, it serves as one of the ways I flirt with my hubby, too. Because I know he appreciates my outfits and creativity – it keeps marriage fun and our sex life spicy. 😉


So, let’s dive into the first outfit of the Date Night In Outfit Series!



January Date Night In Outfit

This month, I’m showing you one of my go-to outfits for staying home with my hubby. It’s flirty, yet cozy and warm – perfect for a wintry January! January’s date night in outfit features a black bralette, a sheer black thong, an oversized sweater, thigh-high socks and a black choker.


Outfit details

I’ll link to my items or similar ones below, so you can put together a similar look.


  • Black bralette: Purchased from H&M.
  • Sheer black thong with lace details: Purchased from Victoria’s Secret as a gift. Here’s a similar option.
  • Oversized sweater: Purchased from Forever 21. Here’s a similar option.
  • Thigh-high socks: Purchased from TJ Maxx. Here’s a similar option.
  • Black choker: This was a gift. Here’s a similar option.


I hope you feel just as pretty in this outfit as I do. If you put something similar together, I’d love to see what you come up with! You can share in the comments below or email me at hello@modwife.co.


Happy styling!

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