Evolving into Myself: Why I Started Modwife.co

Everyone hits that point in their life when they finally feel like they’ve found their feet, right? Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about, and you can remember when you really started to understand who you were. Or, maybe you’re still in the process of figuring that out. (Aren’t we all?) Not that I have things 100%, or even 70%, figured out, but for me, 2015 was a monumental year for my own personal growth. I married my husband in 2014, and at the beginning of 2015, I remember trying to convince myself that no year could possibly surpass the one I’d just had. It was a sad realization, but I was ready to accept it. Lucky for me, I didn’t – I instead accepted a personal challenge to make 2015 the year I worked on myself.


I decided to start making some small changes in my life to help boost my confidence and improve my attitude, starting with my skin. I had always dealt with acne, but as a 26 year-old professional, I was over it, so I started seeing a dermatologist regularly. I trashed all my bras that didn’t truly fit me, which were all of them, and bought a couple of new ones from Victoria’s Secret after being measured. (If you’ve never been measured or tried a VS bra, it will change your life.) I stopped being so damn frugal and started shopping more for myself – stumbling upon my own personal style. I decided to be a little kinder, a little happier and a little more compassionate.


And, throughout all of my personal findings, I grew even closer to my husband, and I think, became a better wife, sister, daughter and friend because I was becoming a happier version of myself. I also started to realize that there were so many aspects of marriage, life and relationships that I was understanding more every day, but they were ideals that I’d never been taught or told about. I would often think to myself, whether in the midst of an argument or sweet moment with my husband, “No one ever told me about this!” After all, people will tell you to never go to bed angry at your partner, but what they don’t tell you is why or how to not go to bed angry.


My last realization was that I was missing one of my most favorite creative outlets – writing. I had always written, but so much of my time had previously gone to planning our wedding or decorating our first house, and my “nine to five” didn’t allow me to write often. This was something I needed to change for the sake of my soul, and that was when Modwife.co was born.


Modwife.co is for the modern wife – whether she’s engaged, newly wed or married – and it’s where you’ll find fresh, flirty and positive editorials regarding feminine lifestyles, personal growth and relationships. Let’s constantly evolve, so we are confident in our skin and can be a positive influence within our marriages, families and communities.


2 thoughts on “Evolving into Myself: Why I Started Modwife.co”

  • I love this post so much and I think it really resonate with me! I am a SAHM and I live frugally these two years that I am married. So I make a promise to myself that 2016 is going to be my year and I’m going to make my own money and not feeling guilty about spending them. Thank you!

    • Hi, Ira! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I love setting goals and it feels great when you reach them. I hope 2016 holds better things than you could imagine!

      Lauren Bear Hamilton

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