How to Make a Flower Arrangement

arranging flowersI put flowers together for our kitchen table almost weekly, but I had never created a real flower arrangement until recently. I recently had the pleasure of creating a flower arrangement for a girlfriend’s baby shower. I love flowers and crafting and making pretty things, so I was excited for the challenge.


I loved how the flower arrangement turned out. It wasn’t hard, but it did take me a couple of hours due to trial and error, repositioning and perfectionism. Baby shower, holiday get together, girls’ brunch, etc. – a beautiful flower arrangement can make any event feel special and pretty. So, let me walk you through how I made this flower arrangement!


Making a flower arrangement with grocery store flowers


The baby shower hostess sent me a photo of a pink and white arrangement she liked. Looking at her photo, I knew the arrangement needed some hydrangeas, different shades of pinks and a variety of flowers. However, I think the trick to making any flower arrangement look professional is to use a variety of flowers.


For this arrangement, I used:

  • Two white hydrangeas (one hydrangea per stem)
  • One bunch baby’s breath
  • One bunch of light pink carnations
  • One bunch of mini pink roses


Pick out your flowers.

Using the hydrangeas in my flower arrangement made it easier to make the arrangement look full and round. You don’t have to have large accent flowers, like hydrangeas. However, you may need to buy another bunch of flowers to help fill in the arrangement if you don’t want to include accent flowers. Other examples of accent flowers include sunflowers, lilies, etc. I’ll always recommend baby’s breath because it helps fill in gaps and offers a professional look. So, choose two flower bunches, two accent stems and baby’s breath OR replace the two accent stems with another bunch. Of course, you can always do more than three types of flowers!


Pick out your vase.

The height of your vase will determine how much length you trim off your flowers, so pick out your vase first.


Cut the stems.

Always trim the stems on your blooms to ensure a fresh cut to absorb water. Cut less length off the stem than you think. You can always cut more off, but you can’t add length back on. (Just a head’s up that you will want the stems in the middle of the arrangement to be a little longer to provide that rounded bouquet look.)


It is also a good idea to cut off any low leaves on the stem. These low leaves start taking up space when you start positioning your flowers. Some high leaves left on the stem are okay to add greenery. The high leaves also don’t take up room in the vase.


I only get credit for the arrangement, not the yumminess. 😉

Position the stems.

Start positioning your stems in the vase. If you have accent flowers, position those first. (If using two accent stems, place on opposite sides. If using three, place in a triangle.) After the accent flowers, add one or two pieces of baby’s breath. Then, start adding flowers equally around the accent flowers.


Make sure to look at all sides of the arrangement as you work so one side doesn’t get flower-heavy. To help you evenly spread out your flowers, think of your flower positioning as a pattern.



Tweak, then tweak some more.

Don’t be frustrated if you do several trims or remove all the flowers from the vase and start over. (I removed all my flowers from the vase and repositioned them about three times.) Sometimes flower stems curve to one side. You can pull the flower up and turn it around so that the curved side faces the inside of the bouquet. This ensures there are no random flowers sticking out. Once it’s finished, you can remove single stems from the vase for additional trimming if needed.


Add more baby’s breath.

Once you are done positioning flowers, add more baby’s breath. Look for places that have holes or seem like there’s too much of one color in one spot – these are good places for baby’s breath.


Ideally, your flower arrangement should look the same on all sides. However, it’s okay if one side ends up being the “front.” A good flower arrangement seems like all the flowers flow, so make sure no stems seem like they are sticking out more than others. (Unless that’s the look you are going for.)


Another final tip for creating a profesh-looking flower arrangement is to double check there’s not one type or one color of flowers bunched together. For example, if I had three pink carnations in one spot, I added a stem of pink roses in between to break it up.

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy flower arranging!

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