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Having sensual confidence makes you feel comfortable and strong in your skin. Your sensual confidence can boost so many areas of your life, including your intimate relationship with your spouse. And, sexual intimacy is a major element of a happy marriage. So, I’m beyond excited to announce that a new tab is launching in January 2018 on – INTIMACY!


Why I’m Adding Intimate Content to the Blog

On Jan. 3, 2018, intimate content will go live on the blog, and I’ll be adding content to this tab all year. From lingerie outfits for date nights in and my favorite sensual products, to ways spice up your sex life and nurture your intimate relationship with your spouse – I’m covering it all in the new year!


When I launched in 2016, I didn’t talk about sex much. But, I wanted to. A healthy sex life has always been something I’ve been passionate about. My husband and I have been together for a total of eight years, so we’ve gone through many sexual stages. I even became a Pure Romance consultant in college for a bit. (My husband supported me in that venture, and bless her heart, my mom did, too.)


I didn’t make intimacy a category on the blog at first because I was afraid – afraid of talking about it and afraid of going there. But, sexual intimacy is an element that makes a mod wife a mod wife. A mod wife has a marriage, a life and a self that she’s working on every day. But, she’s gotta have a healthy sex life, too, to be happy in all these areas.


Let’s face it – marriage can start to feel like a routine. We drink coffee, go to work, eat, snuggle and go to bed. We mix in household chores and adult responsibilities, and we do it all again the next day. My husband and I have been there. This type of domestication works, but it leaves you wanting something more. You want that “I’ve been thinking of you all day, can’t wait to be with you” burning sensation that was the center of your relationship when you were first dating.


My husband and I have only been married for three years – four in April 2018 – but I’ve learned a few things in my short time as wife. Marriage requires nurturing every day. Being married doesn’t mean you automatically desire one another. That burning sensation can live on in marriage. But, each person must put forth effort to make the other person feel desired and to be desired themselves. This means communicating effectively, acting with love instead of spite, putting your best forward each day and keeping marriage fun.


When my husband and I feel super connected, I feel more positive and confident about all things in life. And, he does too. But, feeling connected requires more than supporting and loving each other.  We need that sensual connection. It’s our goal to keep our marriage sexy and romantic by adding magic to ordinary days in our marriage – by spicing up our sex life. A Tuesday can be just another night in front of the TV. Or, it can be a sensual evening that leaves your head spinning the next morning. (Not from the wine.) And, in 2018, I’ll begin sharing all the ways we add magic and romance to our every day married life.


Check back in January to find more content under the Intimacy tab!

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