Simple Things That Boost My Confidence

20160613_144220When you’re kicking it with your best girlfriends, you never know where the conversation topics will go. Hair products, men, work, current affairs, explicit content. You just never know! One time I was chatting with my girlfriend, Ashton (@smashton901), and I had a major revelation.


We were talking about shaving, particularly underarm shaving, and I was telling her how I couldn’t shave my underarms every day because it irritated and broke out my skin. Then she said to me, “I shave my underarms every day. Just shave down.” So, I took her advice and began only shaving down every day, and that, my friends, was the start of underarm confidence for me. Knowing my underarms were freshly shaved and smooth at all times made me feel sexy, and the best part was it only added about 10 seconds to my morning showers. And then I started thinking, what if I applied this “just shave down” theory to other aspects of my life? What other small details or routines could I adopt to boost my confidence and help me feel sexy on the fly? Continue reading for a few easy steps you can add to your routine to make you feel even more confident and feminine, or shall we say, foxy!


To Brow or Not to Brow?

Let’s face it, good brows are trending, and there’s a good reason for it. When you see a woman with nicely shaped brows, it really helps all her facial features work together to accent the main one – that beautiful face itself, duh! Some of us aren’t born with perfect brows, and luckily for us, there are eyebrow pencils. I like using brow pencils by Elf – they’re cheap (like a couple bucks), come in a few different colors and have a brow brush at the end to help polish off your brow shape.



Paint Those Paws.

This one isn’t as convenient because painting your nails either requires a chunk of time or cash. Whether you opt for a gel mani, simple polish changes or to do your nails yourself, the time or money spent will give you a feminine touch you’ll love. I usually paint my nails myself, but when I get them done, I like picking up an Essie color from the drugstore for the salon to use. That way, if my nail chips a few days later, I have the color on hand for touch ups. (No pun intended.)


Moisturize, Girlfriend.

When your skin feels good, you feel good – it’s your biggest organ after all! And, when your skin smells good, well that’s just a perk! I love when my husband compliments my smooth skin and the way I smell. It assures me he notices and appreciates my efforts, and then I give myself a little “‘atta girl” pat on the back. So, keep that skin hydrated and moisturized!


Shave More Often.

I don’t think I realized the real value in having silky smooth legs every day until recently. Every few days, I’d hop in the shower and shave everything, and a few days later, I’d do it again. That meant I would have some decent stubble on my legs, which didn’t make me feel sexy at all. I started shaving my legs more often, every other day and sometimes daily, and I loved the extra confidence it gave me. Regardless of what I put on each day, I now know my legs are ready to strut, and my smooth legs make snuggles with my hubby even better.


Choose Healthy, or Healthy-ish.

I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe in making healthy choices part of your everyday lifestyle. If you had a sandwich and fries for lunch, cool it on the carbs at dinner. Planning on pizza and beer for girl’s night? Then, go with a salad for lunch. We don’t have to eat an all green, gluten-free diet to feel great, but making health-conscious decisions every day about what you put in your body will help you feel your best and will also cut down on bloating.


Combining these little tasks and inserting them into my daily routine definitely makes me feel confident and feminine without much additional effort! If you give them a try, or have some tips you’d like to share, I’d love to hear in the comments section below!

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