Here’s What Happened When We Introduced a Sex Candle in the Bedroom

Knowing when your partner is in the mood for sex can be tricky. My husband and I decided we’d try something new to solve that problem. We introduced a sex candle in the bedroom, and planned to light it whenever one of us was feeling frisky. We’re always lighting candles in our bedroom, but this one candle was now special. The goal for the sex candle was that when one of us walked into the bedroom and saw THAT candle lit, we’d get a subtle message that the other was up for play.


And now you’re wondering…Did it work??


On the first day that we initiated the candle, I lit it, along with all the other candles, before my husband got home from work that evening. When he arrived home, we ate dinner and then he proceeded back to our bedroom for a shower. I tend to have a lot I want to tell my husband at the end of every day, so I followed him back and continued chatting with him.


As he walked into our room, he intriguingly said, “You lit the candle.” That I did, honey. And within a couple of hours, the sex candle proved to do its job. A day or two later my husband lit the sex candle, and it was exciting when I found it lit. It was like a little surprise that I forgot about. The candle proved itself that night, too.


Does the candle work every time? Of course not. Sometimes one of us has a headache or dinner upsets the belly, and even a sex candle can’t change that. But when both people are feeling well, the sex candle acts as a subtle reminder that sex is on the table. Between work, errands, chores, etc., each day throws a lot at us. And when you get home, sometimes you continue to think about all the things, but seeing the sex candle lit puts the idea of sex in your mind. You realize that your partner purposely lit it and has obviously been thinking about you, which is exciting and sexy.


Will you be incorporating a sex candle in your bedroom? If you do, I’d love to hear how it goes!


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