Why You Shouldn’t Take Off Your Wedding Rings During a Fight

took wedding ring off during a fightHave you ever taken off your wedding rings during an argument with your spouse? I think I took my engagement ring off once during a fight before we got married. I can’t recall what the fight was about, or if I really took it off (but I think I did).


Did I have any intention of calling off the wedding? Of course, not.


Did taking my ring off scare him into thinking I was going to back out? Of course, not. It probably just hurt his feelings.


I may have taken it off back then in haste. However, as a married woman, I’ll never take my wedding rings off during a fight. Here’s why:


1. It’s hasty and immature.

I think taking off your wedding rings during an argument signifies hastiness, immaturity and insecurity. I admit I was all these things when I took off my engagement ring during that fight.


Instead of thinking logically about the fight, you let your emotions get the best of you and act out of spite and haste. That’s immature. And, why do you act of spite instead of rationalizing the situation? Because you’re insecure about something—whether it’s what started the fight or how your spouse is reacting to you.

2. It doesn’t prove a point.

Taking off the ring during a fight doesn’t prove a point. You don’t show you spouse “who’s boss” or at that “you’re serious.” What you do is hurt their feelings and show immaturity.


3. It means business.

To me, taking off my rings after a fight means we are done. That attempts to work things out have failed, and I am on my way out the door. That’s how serious I consider taking off my wedding rings during or after a fight and why I won’t do it.


(Besides, if you take your rings off during fights, but put them back on the next day, how will he take you seriously?)


4. The ring signifies commitment.

Lastly, a wedding ring signifies commitment. The argument is temporary, but the commitment is not. Even when my husband infuriates me or hurts my feelings, my commitment to him doesn’t falter. “This too shall pass,” but the marriage won’t. So, the ring stays on.

Taking off your wedding ring during a fight says something, but probably not what you want it to. It’s not even a threat, it’s just a sad effort at having the upper hand.


Taking off your rings should never be a threat, but instead an action of a woman who’s no longer committed and ready to get out of a marriage she no longer wants. If that’s you, all the power to you, girlfriend.


But if it’s not, keep those rings on.

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