Thanksgiving ‘Falliday” Decor

This year was the first year I considered putting my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I had two opposing thoughts: I don’t want regular fall décor up because November feels like “the holidays” to me, and I don’t want Christmas décor up because I don’t associate Christmas with fall – and it is still fall in November.


What I imagined was wintry décor with touches of fall and white. So, my husband and I went searching for the “falliday” décor I had in mind. But, what we found was a lot of Christmas items and Halloween clearance stuff. I only found one, small item that fit the wintry fall theme I envisioned. (It’s the mini lantern with greenery on it below.) However, we did find the tall, skinny Christmas tree we had been talking about getting.


We also bought new stockings and a few new Christmas ornaments, and while in the store, my hubby asked if we should put the tree up that day (a Sunday). I was intrigued, but still, I wasn’t sure I was ready to go full-on Christmas in early November. But by the time we got home, I had decided I’d put up the Christmas tree and the décor since we didn’t have luck finding something more fall-neutral. After all, one of my goals was to change from regular, ‘ole fall décor.


We put up the tree first and strung lights around it, and I completely changed my mind after seeing how the new tall and skinny looked in our living room. It took up less space and was less overwhelming. It was more dramatic, serving as a focal point. It looked wintry.

So, I decided to not hang ornaments on it or hang stockings on the fireplace. After all, a Christmas tree without ornaments is just a lit pine tree. What’s more romantic than that?!


I didn’t put out any of my usual Christmas décor. In fact, I removed the ornaments from my Christmas wreath and frosted it with white spray paint, then used it as indoor décor. (I never liked that wreath anyway, and I’ll make a new one.) And, I kept out some of my fall décor to incorporate as the “fall’ element of my ‘wintry fall’ theme.


What I got was a home that feels festive. It doesn’t feel like Christmas. It feels like fall with a little magical touch. It’s the perfect holiday transition décor, ideal for the fallidays.


We’ll be hosting part of our families at our house for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to host to enjoy the holiday with our falliday décor as a backdrop.


Below you’ll find a photo tour of our falliday décor. Happy Thanksgiving!

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