6 Things I Do Before My Period to Make Everything Suck Less

things to do before period, how to make period suck lessThere are few period-related things that are inevitable for me every month: bloat, breakouts and irritability. When combined, these three things make my happiness and confidence plummet. I already feel gross on my period, so I definitely don’t need anything else deflating me those days.


I have a term for the time before I start my period – I call it pre-period. Pre-period is that time before your period when you’re bloated, lacking enthusiasm and just feeling down on yourself. When I’m feeling like a whale, I remind myself it’s pre-period. When I bite my husband’s head off for no reason, I remind him it’s pre-period. In my opinion, pre-period is just as dreadful as my period. So, how do you not feel bad during your pre-period or period?


Here are six things I do pre-period to make it all suck a little less:

1. Don’t weigh.

Never will I ever weigh before my period. I mean, that’s asking to push myself into a depressed state! I acknowledge the fact that I’m carrying water weight, and I don’t even consider stepping on a scale until after my period begins or ends.

2. Drink more water.

Without effort, I’m a coffee all day, one glass of water, switch to wine kind-of-gal. So, I constantly have to remind myself to drink more water each day. I especially take this into consideration before my period

3. Cut down on carbs and sugars.

I know that my healthiness affects my happiness. I feel bloated whenever I eat carbs (pastas, breads, white potatoes, etc.), but I’ve unfortunately become lax with allowing these things in my diet. But because I know how I feel when I eat them, I do my best to cut them out pre-period. I already feel bloated, why add to it?


I’ve also discovered in recent months that my acne was being fueled my candy indulgences. In general, I don’t eat candy anymore. Last month, I had one bag of airhead bites and noticed no flare-ups in my acne. This month, I’ve had half a bag of airhead bites and half a bag of skittles, and I was broken out the next day. My body is already hormonal when I’m pre-period, so I ****try**** to not risk adding extra sugars to throw it off even more. But then again, I do allow myself to indulge because those cravings only come once a month. Just not too much indulgence.

things to do before your period

4. Remind my husband I’m pre-period.

I’m moody and irritable when I’m pre-period. In a perfect world, my husband would realize this and not react to my crazy. So, I remind him that I’m pre-period and moody to make him more affectionate toward me. However, he does forget that I’m pre-period when I’m going ballistic over nothing important. When he acts confused, I’ll just remind him again, that I’m pre-period. It helps to cut down on arguments a little.

5. Have sex.

I feel a little disconnected from my husband if my husband and I go a few days without sex. We don’t have as much period sex now as we did when we first started dating, unless it’s in the shower. (Because period sex takes effort, so we can wait a few days.) Starting my period means we may not have sex for three to four days, which means I may start feeling disconnected from lack of sex PLUS irritable from my period and lack of sex. Getting in some sex pre-period helps nip that issue in the bud.

6. Do a face mask.

Even after significantly decreasing my candy/sugar intake, I still experience a little increase in acne during my period. So, I’ll make a point to take extra good care of my skin and do a face mask in my pre-period phase. My go-to face mask is the Aztec Clay Mask, which exfoliates and sucks impurities from my skin.

7. Do small things to boost my confidence. 

I enjoy doing small things to boost my confidence daily because it makes me feel better throughout the entire day. But, I especially take time to do those things pre-period to help boost my confidence during a time when it may be lacking.


With a little effort pre-period, that phase of my cycle can suck a little less. I’d love to say I exercise consistently pre-period (because I know that would help), but pre-period exercise is hit or miss depending on my schedule. I’m still trying to find the motivation to exercise daily in general.


How do you keep yourself feeling happy and healthy before and during your period? Tell me below!

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