6 Steps to Unleashing Your Sensual Self

You know that female lead in movies – the one who’s beautiful, sexy, confident and unapologetic for it all. She goes for what she wants – in and out of the bedroom, and she makes being at ease and naturally sensual in her own skin look simple. That same sensual confidence is already at the core of each of us, but the challenge is being comfortable enough to show it.


Here are 6 ways to unleash your sensual self:


Don’t pick yourself apart.

Focus on all the traits you love about yourself, and learn to truly appreciate them. Use the confidence you have in those traits as momentum. Positive thoughts about yourself will only lead to increased self-confidence.


Get out of your own head.

Getting caught up in our own thoughts and insecurities can be one of our biggest turn-offs. (And, we certainly don’t want that.) Stop worrying about what your partner is thinking and don’t question yourself. Let your mind be free.


Be your own definition of sexy.

If you aspire to be someone else’s idea of sexy, you’ll never quite reach genuine confidence with your sensual self. Do what makes you feel sexy, and do it for yourself – not the benefit of someone else.


Stop comparing yourself to others.

You’ll come up short every time you compare yourself to someone else. And, we’re not meant to look or act like anyone else. Realizing this gives us freedom to be ourselves in all aspects of our lives.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Vocalizing your needs and wants to your partner is a sign of confidence, but it’s also a step towards increased sensual confidence. You may feel awkward instructing your partner during the act, but you’ll get over that quickly. In fact, he’ll probably find your directness attractive.


Share your thoughts.

Don’t be shy to share your sensual thoughts with your spouse, even if it’s not during sex. Those thoughts are part of your sensuality, and sharing them will help you explore and unleash your inner sensual confidence with your partner.

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