How I Found Out I was Pregnant & How I Told My Husband (on Valentine’s Day)

The day I found out I was pregnant was the same day I shared the news with my husband – Valentine’s Day.

It was a work-from-home day for me, and I had planned on booking my flight to Vegas for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, which was a couple months away. As a I made a mental note to book the flight at some point that day, a little voice inside my head said, “Take a pregnancy test before you book that flight.”

Jake and I always know when my period is due, but I had two potential “start” dates for February because my cycle fluctuates. When the first start date came and passed, we assumed my cycle was the longer one that month. The second start date was Valentine’s Day. When my Google calendar alerted me it was period day, with a big red dot I’d added to my calendar, I was reminded that my period hadn’t come.

The days before we found I was pregnant

I had experienced potential signs of pregnancy during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. For example, belly cramps – could they be pre-period cramps or implantation cramps? One instance of spotting – could it be my period coming or implantation bleeding? A drip of brown blood – could it be the start of my period or old blood from last month’s period finding its way out because a real period wouldn’t come?

I shared these instances with my hubby, but neither of us had ever experienced a pregnancy, so we didn’t get too excited. We just made mental notes. We had been talking about the potential of pregnancy over those days, and one night, Jake even said, “What if your period doesn’t come?” I responded with something like, “I guess it doesn’t come.”

The moment I found out I was pregnant

So, there I was on Valentine’s Day, sitting at my desk, wondering if a pregnancy test could pick up a pregnancy for me at the time. I considered that many tests detect pregnancy a week before the missed period, and if today was the day of my missed period, it would certainly detect it.

I went to our guest bathroom, which is only a few doors over from my office, and retrieved a pregnancy test strip from the kit we bought online when we first started trying to conceive, which was some months after we knew we were ready for kids. I completed the test, then retreated back to my office to work and wait.

I was supposed to wait five minutes, but after three minutes, I decided it would be fine to go look. I walked back into the guest bathroom, expecting to see the singular negative line that we’d seen many times before. But, when I leaned down to the counter to look, there wasn’t one line. There were two very distinct lines.

My hand flew to my mouth, and I doubled over in disbelief – laughing out loud and getting teary and repeatedly saying, “Oh my, God.” I quickly checked the pregnant test strip package to make sure two lines meant positive, not negative. Then, I hurriedly checked the kit package to make sure I had taken the pregnancy test, not the ovulation test.

I had taken a pregnancy test, and it was positive. (Then, I snapped the photo below.)

I went back to my desk and sat down. I was so excited and so happy, and I remember amidst my laughter saying, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Then, my mind went straight to my husband who was also at work. I had always imagined telling my husband I was pregnant. I had hoped that I would be able to know before him, so that I could record our interaction. Though, I never really knew if that would be our reality since he also kept up with my periods.

I wondered, do I call him? Text him? Drive to his work and tell him? None of those options seemed good enough to share such surreal, once-in-a-lifetime news. So, I decided to sit on my recent discovery.

The next time I had to pee, I took another pregnancy test strip. And, when it returned a positive result, I had the exact same reaction as I did to the first test.

How I told my husband I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day

I had planned to do Valentine’s Day errands at lunch that day to prepare for our Valentine’s Day dinner at home. So, I went to the grocery store, then I stopped by Walgreens for a balloon, some cards, candy and a new, super legit pregnancy test. Oh, and some makeup, because when do you go to Walgreens and not also pick-up makeup?

I chose to buy the First Response brand that had two tests in the pack, and I took one of them as soon as I got back home. I saved the second First Response test because I figured my husband would want to take a real, live test with me.

When I finished working, I put the candy into a vase and tied the balloon around it. I had bought three Valentine’s Day cards at Walgreens – one from me, one from the dogs and one for the pregnancy tests.

The pregnancy test card had a small message in it, but I didn’t like it. I drew a heart over the message, and on the other side, I wrote:

“You know how this goes,

One line is a ‘no,’

Two is a ‘yes.’

Babydoll, this Valentine’s Day,

it looks like we’ve been


I slid all three pregnancy tests into the card. I sat the candy jar on the kitchen counter with the pregnancy test card in the tissue that stuck out of it. Then I displayed my and the dogs’ cards beside of it. (We always write mom/dad on cards from the dogs, so that wasn’t a hidden inuendo.)

I knew I wanted to record me telling my husband I was pregnant, so I did a little primping knowing I’d want to share the video with friends and family. I changed outfits so many times. I wanted to look sexy, but one outfit looked too club-ish, not-so “I’m pregnant.” Another outfit looked too teenager-ish. I ended up wearing my beige pleated skirt, a blush blouse and pink heeled sandals.

I unplugged our home security system, just in case my husband tried to peek in on my Valentine’s Day preparations. Then, I tested out several places to hide my phone so I could secretly record the surprise.

I started dinner (Spoiler alert – it was not good! I guess I was preoccupied.), and I waited for my hubby to arrive home. When the dogs started barking, I knew he had pulled in the driveway, so I hit the record button and made myself look busy in the kitchen.

My heart was pounding. I was so excited/nervous/anxious, and all I wanted was for my sweet hubby to open that pregnancy test card ASAP. But, he had made a cute Valentine’s Day gift for me too during his lunch break, so we spent time digging through that and him telling me about his efforts.

Then, it started.

I opened his Valentine’s Day card. He opened mine. Then I urged him to open the little card in the candy jar, but he said he wanted to open the dogs’ card first.

Then, he went for the pregnancy test card.

As he started to open the card, I realized this card would change his life. Whatever may happen over the next nine months, his life would never be the same. My life changed the moment I walked into our guest bathroom and saw the test. And, his life was about to change in front of my eyes. It was a beautiful realization and moment, and I still remember all the faces he made as the realization sunk in for him – we are having a baby.

It’s too sweet to sum up into words, so watch our little surprise for yourself below.

How I Told My Hubby I Was Pregnant on Valentine’s Day (video)

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