5 Ways to Style a Bralette for Fall

You don’t have to box up those pretty little bralettes just because it’s fall! Fall encourages mixed textures, rich hues and layering – so bralettes fit in quite nicely. Styling a bralette is really similar to styling a bodysuit for me. All it takes are a couple of basic items to pair with it, and you have several outfit options.

I styled one of my favorite bralettes for fall looks using only a handful of fashion staples. Deep colors and jewel tones are perfect for fall, so you’ll notice I’ve chosen a rich cerulean bralette. The items I used for my looks are listed at the bottom of this article, but you wouldn’t need all of these to come up with multiple fall bralette looks. As long as you have a couple of high-waisted bottoms and a couple jacket/cover-up options, you’ll have several ways to style a bralette for fall. Here are five ways to style a bralette for fall:


With a shirt tied around your waist

Wear this look before fall really sets in, and you could get away with leaving the shirt around your waist all day. Even if it is a little chilly though, tying the shirt around your waist makes you look more fall-ish. But if it gets chilly, throw that shirt on for another cute look.

With a tied-up button-up

The great thing about high waisted bottoms is that they allow for lots of options up top. Like tying up a shirt without showing your entire belly. I’ve used a suede short skirt and a plaid button-up, but any high-waisted skirt and button up would work.

With an open button-up

I’m really digging a bralette with high-waisted pants and an oversized, open button-up for fall. There’s something effortless, yet edgy and foxy about it. (And I don’t know about you, but when I feel foxy, I feel CONFIDENT.)


With a midi skirt

I think a midi skirt paired with a bralette is adorable. It’s feminine and sassy. I’ve added a denim jacket to cut the chill, but you could skip the jacket if it’s still warm where you are.

With a cold shoulder sweater

Last, but not least, is the cold shoulder. Whether you’re cozying up on the couch or heading out, you can’t go wrong exposing that little bralette under a cold shoulder sweater.


Items used in the above looks:

  • High-waisted black pants
  • High-waisted midi skirt
  • High-waisted short skirt
  • Denim jacket
  • Oversized solid button-up
  • Plaid button-up
  • Oversized sweater

Bralettes offer multiple outfit options as we transition to fall. Before fall gets too chilly, show off your bralettes for some fun, sassy looks!

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