10 Ways to Surprise Your Spouse During the Work Day

We spend most of our day away from our significant others. Finding little ways to say I love you when you’re apart makes reuniting even more exciting at the end of the day. Plus, surprises help brighten the day and strengthen the bond you share.

Here are 10 ways to surprise your spouse during the work day:

Have lunch delivered

Surprising your S.O. with lunch is a yummy treat. Pizza, Jimmy John’s and UberEats are delivery options that will work in many areas. I once surprised my hubs by having Jimmy John’s delivered, but it got there after his lunch time. Be sure to order with plenty of lead time!


Stop by and say hi

Simply seeing your honey’s face is a mid-day pick-me-up! When I worked at a PR agency in downtown Nashville, my husband would stop by unannounced. It was like a ray of sunshine beaming into my office when I would see him waiting outside my office door. Don’t underestimate the power of a five-minute conversation and quick kiss during the work day!


Add a cute note to your honey’s calendar

Adding a sweet note on your S.O.’s calendar is a fun way to let them know you’re thinking of them. Will your note be naughty or nice? 😉


Send flowers

An oldie, but goodie! Sending flowers or a plant to your boo literally breathes life into their day.


Bring something they’d love

Sometimes knowing how to surprise your spouse during the work day comes down to knowing the simple things they love. What’s your spouse been wanting? Candy, new desk décor or some headphones? Are they a coffee lover? Think of something they’d love to have – even if it only costs a few bucks – and deliver it yourself.


Call just to say “I love you.”

Sometimes we only have texting conversations with our S.O.’s because the work day can be so hectic. Taking two minutes to call your spouse just to say “I love you” will make you both feel good.


Ask for a lunch date

I love when I get a text from my husband asking for a lunch date. Sometimes, I have to decline because of my day’s schedule. And sometimes he tells me work will be fine, and he’s taking me to lunch regardless. However, most of the time, I happily accept and look forward to it all morning.


Send a cookie

Cheryl’s Cookies are so delicious and fresh, and you can have one delivered to your S.O. for just $5.99! You can pick from a few different themes, and you have the options of including a personalized message for an additional $4. I think these are delivered via USPS, so just make sure bae will be around for the delivery a few days later.

Slip a note into their lunch

If your S.O. takes a lunch to work, slip a note into the bag. My parents did this for me growing up, and I now do it for my husband (when I think of it) because I remember how much I loved reading the handwritten note each day.


Sprinkle naughty texts throughout the day

Sprinkling naughty (or sweet!) texts throughout the day builds anticipation and excitement around seeing each other later. My husband sent me a sweet text that immediately made me smile as I’m writing this blog post. That’s the whole point, right? To put a smile on your spouse’s face even if you can’t be there physically?


With so many ways to surprise your spouse during the work day, how are you going to find little ways to say “I love you” this week? Share with us in the comments below!

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