I Wear My Wedding Dress Every Anniversary

i wear my wedding dress every anniversaryMy husband and I don’t buy each other grand gifts for wedding anniversaries. Instead, we make unique memories and keep our wedding anniversary traditions going strong. Our traditions are simple: take a photo at our public wedding venue and reminisce on all that’s happened since the last anniversary. And, sometime during the anniversary celebrations, I put on my wedding dress.


Wearing my wedding dress each anniversary wasn’t a tradition I planned. It started by trying the dress on around our first anniversary. We rented a cabin in the mountains to celebrate, and we took our first annual wedding venue photo when we got back home. But at some point during the celebrations, I put on my wedding dress. I think I mainly wanted to see if it still fit – and it did. My husband snapped a photo to send to my mom, and I put the dress back in our cedar chest for safe keeping.


For our second anniversary, I wanted to surprise my hubby by recreating our wedding. I setup our kitchen table with table décor from our wedding, and I left a trail of blush rose petals through the house and out the back door, like the aisle at our wedding. I mixed up a cocktail and poured it into the crystal champagne flutes we’d toasted with, too. Then, I wrote little notes and left them along the rose petal trail.

One note said to follow the notes, another said to take the champagne flute. The notes led him to our back patio where I was waiting in my wedding dress and wedding jewelry. We had one dance on our patio, then we moved our party to the kitchen, where we had a dance party and ate the appetizers I’d made. Then, just as every blushing bride dreams, I crossed “have sex in my wedding dress” off my bucket list.


I was a bit delayed in wearing my wedding dress for our third anniversary. We took our third annual wedding venue photo, ate lunch at a hot chicken place we hadn’t tried, then had happy hour on our back patio. I ended up surprising Jake in my wedding dress after work later that year. So, very delayed, but, at least I wore the wedding dress that year.


Our fourth wedding anniversary was last week (4/26). So, I baked a small cake, put our wedding cake cutlery out and set out the champagne flutes. And, I surprised my hubby by waiting for him in my wedding dress upon his arrival home. (Spoiler alert, he wasn’t surprised at all since I wear it every year.)


I enjoyed wearing my wedding dress. I loved seeing myself in it, and he said he did too. After a few kisses and selfies with the dogs, I changed into my next outfit: a white bralette with my veiled bridal panties and a black, lace robe. (I told you I still wear my wedding lingerie.) He helped me stuff the dress back in its bag, joking about how heavy it was the day after our wedding – because I thought it was funny to mop spilled beer with my dress at our wedding reception. Then, back in the cedar chest it went.


Will I surprise my hubby on our next anniversary by wearing my wedding dress? Doubtful – he’s not surprised anymore. But, I’ll wear it every anniversary that it still fits me. I wear it for me, not him. I’m reminded how much I love the dress every time I put it on. I’m reminded of the moment in history when I was bride. And, I love incorporating that memorabilia into our anniversary. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wear something that expensive just one time.


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