What My Freelance Journey Taught Me About Goals

is it okay for goals to change

If you were to ask me what my goals were right now, my answer would be different than what it was two years ago – even six months ago.


Let’s rewind about two years. I was unchallenged in my job, and I didn’t feel like my skills (writing) were being used. I wanted a job that allowed me to write every day, and I wanted to work in a place I felt excited to go to each day. So, I started modwife.co as a creative outlet, and I started dreaming of goals to grow my blog and what that looked like. I used my new-found blog and new online portfolio to land me my dream job.


This dream job was at public relations firm in a trendy office in a trendy party of town. I did it. I made my goal. But soon, my blog began to suffer because of my job. And, my marriage and I started to suffer because of my job. I had reached a goal, but it no longer served me or felt right, so I left my job.


I began doing freelance writing and communications instead of starting at another company. Freelance writing and working from home for myself had been a dream of mine since high school, or earlier. And, I did it. I made that goal.


It wasn’t clear to me at first, but eventually my goal became to make

freelancing work as a career. I simply didn’t want to go back to working for a company. I said I’d probably never do it again. There were pros and cons to freelancing, but the pros outweighed the cons at the time. I considered that maybe I wanted to grow my freelance work into a business.


I also created new goals for my blog. I rebranded to focus more on marriage and intimacy. I began discussing topics I was passionate about, yet nervous to write about prior. Suddenly, those new topics got me more website traffic to my blog than I’d ever dreamt of having. I did it. I grew my blog.


In the meantime, I realized I didn’t want to own my own communications business. Elevating my freelance work into an actual agency was the next step to being successful in freelance. But, if I was being honest with myself, I knew that I had a lot of goals, and starting an agency wasn’t one of them.


One night my husband and I sat on our patio, and I asked him to jot down the freelancing pros and cons I rambled off. Then I rambled off the pros and cons of working for a company again. Working for a company won, so I decided to start my job search. Getting a 9-5 job was my new goal.


I recently started a contract role at a job I like at a company I respect. It could lead to something within the company or it could not. But, it’s a good fit for me right now. I know this because I prayed endlessly during my job search and interviews with multiple companies. So, I did it. I made my goal.

My goals for my blog have shifted. I used to want brands to notice me and want to work with me. I don’t want to be a “blogger that works with brands” anymore. If a brand I love is interested in me, sure, I’ll be happy to partner up. But, that’s no longer what blogging success looks like to me. I simply want to be a girl who can inspire positivity, happiness and confidence within other women and their relationships. That is the goal of my blog right now.


A few months back I felt a little sad about how quickly my goals change. I felt like I’m someone who starts things, but doesn’t finish them. Because there are a lot of things I get amped up about, but don’t proceed with. However, I now realize I’m not wishy-washy at all. I’m just following my heart. I allow myself to entertain ideas, and I allow myself to walk away from them if I don’t feel 100 percent about them.


My journey the last couple of years has taught me that our goals constantly change. And, it’s not because we’re indecisive. It’s possible to fulfill a goal and to realize it no longer serves you – and it’s okay. It just means you’re evolving. It means you’re not sitting still. I truly believe every time our goals change, the next goal is taking us exactly where we’re meant to be at that moment. Our goals must evolve for us to find our true purpose, after all.

6 thoughts on “What My Freelance Journey Taught Me About Goals”

  • What you wrote truly spoke to me as my goals have changed and have often have viewed myself negatively for not staying on a straight path towards said goal.
    My husband and I discuss our goals as well as our individual aspirations I find extremely helpful and insightful that allows us to Facilitate us being able where we are headed.
    Also thanks for sharing that as you change also means growth.

    • Hey, girl! It’s awesome you and your hubby discuss joint and individual goals. It’s so helpful and fun to have someone who can encourage and help hold you accountable on your goals. 🙂 And, yes, I’ve always felt badly about how quickly I change my mind. I’m really into something for a couple weeks, then I decide it’s the wrong path and figure out something else. I’m learning that perhaps that just means I allow myself the grace to not stick with something my heart doesn’t feel will serve me.

    • Hey, Liz! Thanks so much! Yes, I just realized that changing goals simply means I’m evolving – no harm in that! xo

  • I love that your goals have changed through your life. I think that’s what life should be like. I have a quick question though. Would you be willing to share how you got some freelance jobs? Like how did you even start? Where did you look? Did you use networks etc? I’m wanting to start doing more freelance work in addition to my own blog.

    • Hey, Charlene! Agreed, we aren’t growing if our goals aren’t changing.

      I’m happy to share how I found freelance gigs! I first created a website to display my writing skills. I found work on LinkedIn, UpWork, ProBlogger, BloggingPro and by cold pitching my target client. Some ads were appropriate to send my resume, but others didn’t seem appropriate for that. So, I also created an info sheet on me and my services. If someone was interested in working with me, I’d provide a proposal detailing what my services would be and my rates. If they okayed it, I had them sign a contract agreeing to what was in the proposal, schedule of fees, etc.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions though!
      Good luck!

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