Creative Ways to Slip into Your Lingerie

Wearing lingerie is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. The pretty underthings make me feel feminine and sexy. And, knowing my husband thinks the same boosts my confidence in lingerie even more. I was recently chatting with my girlfriends about wearing lingerie when they asked:


“When should you put on the lingerie?”

“How do you subtly go change into lingerie?”

“Do you wear the lingerie under your clothes or do you go change?”


These are things I didn’t always know. For years, I had lots of sexy garments that went unworn. Why? Because I didn’t feel confident wearing lingerie, and I didn’t know how to wear lingerie either. I’d put on my intimates just for sex itself, and I’d change afterwards. What a waste of a cute lingerie outfit! Or, I’d never wear my flirty ensembles because I didn’t know when to put on lingerie. Does this sound like you? You’re in the right place, girl – I’m going to help you out! 😊

There’s no right or wrong time to put on lingerie

There’s no “ideal” time to put on lingerie. Simply change into your lingerie whenever you want! I usually go about putting on or changing into lingerie a few different ways:


  • I put on lingerie before my husband gets home. This method is easy because you don’t need to slip away to change. It also lets your partner know you’re feeling sensual when they see you. But wearing lingerie doesn’t have to mean you want to play. Once you get confident wearing lingerie, you’ll just love having it on. Sometimes I wear lingerie simply because I love the way I feel in it. (But, sexy things tend to happen when you feel sexy.)
  • I tell my husband I’m going to go freshen up. If I get the urge to slip into something sexy, I’ll simply say, “I’m going to freshen up.” Or, if I’m still wearing the day’s clothes, I might just say, “I’m going to go change.” I return in lingerie and either resume what I was doing or go flirt with my husband.
  • I’ll ask my husband if he wants a “fashion show.” When things are heating up – or as a way to flirt with my husband – I’ll ask if he wants a fashion show. (He knows what this means, and the answer is, of course, always “yes.”) I’ll rotate my lingerie ensembles and strut around in the living room. He usually gets to pick the one I wear, unless I have my mind made up.


Wearing lingerie is sensual and fun – whether you’re planning a date night at home or lounging home alone. And there’s no time limit for wearing lingerie either. You can wear it just for the act, for an evening or even all day on a lazy Sunday. But, wear lingerie for yourself first and your spouse second. Your spouse will love it regardless. (Hell, they may even prefer you in the buff.) But you’ll love wearing lingerie more when you wear it for how it makes you feel.


I hope this article gave you some creative ideas for wearing your lingerie! Like my girlfriends, if you’ve got a question, shoot me an email at!


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