Why I Chose to Get Botox

marriage blog, wife blog, relationship blog, why i chose to get botox, how to have a happy marriageHave you been considering getting Botox treatments, but you’re curious what to expect? Maybe you’re wondering if it hurts, how long it takes and if you really want to get the treatment. I get it! Let me tell you a bit about why I chose to get Botox treatments.


I’ve been getting Dysport treatments (very similar to Botox, just a little less expensive) for a couple years now, but I typically don’t talk about it. Perhaps because I was afraid I’d be judged for getting the treatments at a younger age. However, I’m so happy I started the treatments because the results boost my confidence and make me feel great. So, why not talk about it?! I’m done keeping quiet. In fact, I was recently interviewed by a Fox News contributor about “preventative Botox” and why millennials love Botox.


I’ll also dive into what to expect at your first Botox appointment, but let me first explain the reasons why I decided to pursue these treatments.


Why I Chose to Get Botox Treatments

I decided to ask my dermatologist about Botox because I was feeling insecure about fine lines on the outside of my eyes (called crows feet) and the area between my eyes (called the glabella). I knew these lines were from smiling and squinting, but I just didn’t like them. If I was outside in the sun for a long period of time, I’d get a wrinkle on my glabella from squinting, even if I was wearing sunglasses. The wrinkle would go away several hours after being outside, but it certainly didn’t make me feel pretty. And sometimes the lines around my eyes would linger if I had been squinting, too. I was afraid these lines would grow deeper over time, becoming permanent and more prominent.


I probably wouldn’t have considered Botox if it weren’t for seeing my older sister’s results with the treatments. She started getting Botox a couple of years before I began looking into it. I loved the way she could make all these different faces without causing her face to make a wrinkle. Then she told me something that had me super intrigued: “If your muscle can’t make a wrinkle, you can’t get a wrinkle.”  This made sense to me. The injections reduce muscle activity, so it did seem possible that the treatments could preserve my skin while also giving me the immediate results I sought. And just like that, I was sold.

What to Expect at Your First Botox Appointment

I receive my treatments at my dermatologist’s office, and each appointment is almost the exact same as the one before. The treatment takes place in a patient room with me sitting in a patient chair, and it takes no more than 10-15 minutes once I’m called back to the room. A medical assistant comes into my room to find out which areas I want to treat (which are crows feet and the glabella), then she takes photos of my face. She asks me to furrow my brow, keep a straight face and smile as big as I can while she takes photos of the sides and front of my face. She leaves to discuss the photos and number of units needed with the doctor, then both she and the doctor return to perform the treatments. The assistant disinfects the treatment areas with an alcohol cloth, and then the doctor asks me to smile and furrow my brow again as she marks the injection locations with a pen. Next up, injections!


Each injection takes only a couple of seconds. It stings for a moment, but that’s about it. Once the injection is finished, there is no lingering pain or discomfort for me. Once all injections are complete, the assistant gives me a frozen wet cloth to apply to the injection areas to help stop any bleeding, but she typically stops it on her own with the cloth beforehand. Sometimes I can see a tiny prick from the needle afterwards, but most of the time I can’t see any evidence of the injections. I’m typically told to not lie down for four hours and to not partake in strenuous activity for the rest of the day.


They say it can take up to a week to start seeing the results from Botox treatments. I can usually really see results between days three and five. Once the treatment has totally set, I can smile big with minimal lines around my eyes (and zero crows feet!), and I am no longer able to furrow my brow at all! (So hello, no chance of getting a glabella wrinkle!) After three or four months, the effect wears off, and I head back to my doctor for more.


There is no scientific evidence to prove that Botox can prevent wrinkles and fine lines. But in my experience, Botox plus under eye moisturizer keeps the skin around my eyes looking youthful. Should you get Botox? No. Do you need Botox? No. Does Botox make you more beautiful? Hell no! I chose to get Botox to combat an insecurity, to boost my confidence and to hopefully preserve younger looking skin for years to come.


This blog post represents my own experience seeking Botox and Dysport treatments. One should consult his or her own doctor for information on the treatments. 

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