5 Reasons You Should be the Nice Girl

Why You Should Be The Nice Girl; Kristen Carol-Jeane Bear; Mod Wife; Mod Wife Blog; Nashville, Tennessee; Nashville Blogger; If there is one thing I’ve learned since entering the “adult world”, one thing that I’m 100% sure of, it’s that it always pays to be the nice girl. Had I learned this years ago, maybe I could have avoided losing the spirit stick at dance camp, getting kicked out of the local watering hole or a handful of other events as a result of my feisty and spiteful attitude.


Society can lead us to believe that being a strong woman means we must be loud to be heard, threatening to be respected and dominant to get what we want. In reality, having all of these characteristics could get you where you want to go, but the journey won’t be half as fun or rewarding if you kick everyone on your way there. Being nice doesn’t mean you’ll allow yourself to be walked over though. It simply means you have the humility, confidence and grace to extend kindness to even those who may not deserve it. Here are five reasons why it’s better to be the nice girl!


1. There will be less drama in your life.

Here’s a fun fact – drama doesn’t follow people, people bring it with them. When you let go of any animosity and mind your own business, drama ain’t knockin’ at your door.


2. You’ll have a clear conscience.

Choosing to treat someone with respect and dignity will never make you feel crumby. You know why? Because you are making a choice to be kind, and that takes guts. And, when you’re truthful and honest, you won’t get caught in a lie. By now, we’ve all found ourselves in the midst of an non-truth before and it’s no bueno.


3. You’ll have better quality friends.

Friends don’t want friends who they fear will talk behind their back or treat them unfairly. Be the loyal, compassionate girlfriend you would want and that’s what you’ll get in return.


4. You’ll gain more respect.

People respect people who are respectful to them and strong, genuine, honest and fair. If you use authority or superiority towards others in an effort to gain respect, the respect you’ll get will be disingenuous, and the joke’s on you.


5. You’ll spread the love, not the hate.

Women have been under scrutiny for years, whether it be from society, our peers or ourselves. Let that cycle stop with you. Build yourself up, and build up the women around you. Show other women kindness, camaraderie and love because after all, us girls gotta stick together.

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